Meet Beth Aust

Hey there! My name is Beth.  For years, I felt hopeless and alone struggling with unresolved grief and despair. This led me down a dark hole I refer to as the dark ages. Nothing in my life was going right-my career, my relationships, my health, my wealth-nothing. I found the world of Metaphysics and Holistic Wellness, and dug deep. I knew in my heart there was a purpose for my life and there was much personal work to do. 

Even as I was learning how to incorporate more holistic habits into my life, I still did not (ever) want to get out of bed in the morning because everyday was dark and gloomy

One day I was introduced to a product that a lot of people are talking about these days. To be honest, I had heard about it and even thought about it in the past but I was skeptical. I am not into "fads". This time, I learned about the company who made it and trusted the source, so I tried it. 

What was it? Essential oils! I absolutely LOVE essential oils, now. 

Now my life is dramatically different. I used to have to put a fake smile on my face and pretend I wasn't dying inside. Life FEELS better. 

I live up in the hills of Central New York with my multi-generational family. Growing our mini-homestead, living a "rooted" life. Tapping into the magic of the Universal Laws, enjoying nature and offering hope to others with tips, tools and resources that have worked for me. 

I help people create a home where they find more joy, feel rooted in peace and truly live a life they love to live, the one they have dreamt about. I have a passion for helping women create a lifestyle business to reach their dreams. 

I am on a mission to help a whole lot of people break free and empower themselves with knowledge and resources I have worked so hard to get myself. 

Come join our eclectic friends and learn how you can find freedom with the knowledge and information we share in our exclusive community. 

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We are very diligent about our protection of earth and its citizens. We hold the highest standards for our essential oil production process, bringing the world the finest products available. From the seed of the plant to the seal on the bottle, our high standards are integral with who we are.

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Digestive System

Give a lift to your stomach, intestines, liver, and the rest of your digestive system. Savor your meals more every day.

Muscular & Skeletal

Support for your bones, muscles, cartilage, ligaments, joints, and connective tissue. This system provides body support during movements and stability.


Help your heart and circulatory system in their crucial role of bringing vital oxygen to your body's tissues.

Immune System

Fortify your body's defense mechanism against the challenges of everyday life. This system includes our white blood cells, bone arrow, lymph nodes, appendix, and more.

Respiratory System

Support your lungs, sinuses, and the rest of your respiratory system.

Integumentary System

Boost your skin, hair, nails, teeth, eyes, and ears. Your skin is your largest organ and it only takes 26 seconds for your skin to absorb what touches it.

Endocrine System

Assist your pituitary, thyroid, and adrenal glands with everyday living. This system regulates a variety of actions in your body, including sleep and mood.

Reproductive System

Promote a healthier reproductive system and help with hormone balance.

Excretory System

A system that is protective of the body, its primary function is to eliminate waste and toxins. Includes your liver, lungs, intestine, and more.

Nervous System & Emotions

Your nervous system relays information from your muscles, skin, and organs to your brain. Contained here is your body's "fight or flight" mechanism.

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Updates from Beth Aust

Fall treats

Fall treats
Not only is it the time of year for football games and raking leaves but the stores have had Halloween costumes, treats and candy on their shelves since school started-Advertising to the sweet tooth's of our children as well as us…and we fall for it every time….but we don’t have too…
Did you know…Americans purchase nearly 600 million pounds of candy a year for Halloween. An incredible 90 million pounds of chocolate candy is sold during Halloween week, taking a strong lead compared to other holidays.
Eating sugary foods makes people hungry and tired, and causes them to gain weight. Refined sugar is void of minerals needed for enzymes, can cause mineral deficiencies, interferes with the actions of calcium and magnesium, increases inflammation, increases erratic brain cell firing, and has been implicated in aggression.

Additionally, sugar consumption has been associated with depression, ADHD and hyperactivity, increased triglycerides, lower HDL, and higher LDL cholesterol; it also feeds cancer cells. Brain imaging studies showed sugar causes increased slow brain waves, and a study at UCLA showed that  sugar alters learning and memory. 

In addition to sugar we have processed, artificially flavored and dyes to avoid to maintain the wellness of our families…
When you eat sugar, your blood sugar spikes, insulin is released, then blood sugar drops, and you crave it again and again. When your blood sugar drops, your body sees it as a state of emergency, causing you to crave food as a way to fix the situation. Sugar is the fastest way to do that. That is why when you eat sugar, you crave it more – similar to how a drug addict craves his drug.

So what do we do about it???  

There are people at every end of the spectrum-those who only eat bamboo leaves and never take their kids trick or treating and those who live in a cesspool of fast food and junk food…but most of us are in-between-trying to be good moms and feed the kids right while still allowing for a good bad treat now and again..
Now we cant cancel Halloween nor can we avoid all the places that fill our pallets and those of our kids with sweet treats, artificial flavors, dyes and corn syrup but we can control what comes in and goes out of our homes. 
We have a choice to give our kids and trick or treaters: chocolate bars or granola bars
Candy apples or apples with cinnamon, popcorn balls made with corn syrup or popcorn flavored with natural flavors

There are 3 ways to use essential oils-The French have been cooking and ingesting essential oils for years…Young living offers a Vitality essential oil line which is labeled with these white labels to be easily identified as safe for internal consumption. 

Why vitality oils?

Essential oils can be used to burst the flavor in meals and healthy snacks you make, they are easy to use and often we don’t always have the fresh herb and spice on hand and dried ones expire usually after a year…essential oils don’t have an expiration date. 

A spice can come from the root, stem, seed, fruit, flower or bark of the tree or plant. Spices can include: black pepper, cinnamon, clove, ginger, carrot seed, celery seed, dill, cardamom, coriander, nutmeg and fennel. 
An herb is the green leafy part of the plant such as basil, lemongrass, oregano, rosemary, thyme, peppermint, sage and tarragon. 

A plant can be host to both an herb and a spice like cilantro and coriander. Cilantro is the leaf and coriander is the seed that comes from the same plant. Citrus essential oils are housed in the rind of the fruit, it's the rind that gives the refreshing scent and bold flavor. Citrus oils can include: bergamot, grapefruit, lemon, lime, orange and tangerine. 

Essential oils are a great way to incorporate natural flavoring without compromise.
It’s a good time to note: that we only speak of and recommend Young Living essential oils-Vitality line for internal consumption. They are labeled GRAS certified and Non-GMO. Meaning they are safe for you to ingest.

When using essential oils instead of a dried herb or spice there are a few things to take into consideration.
Dry herbs and spices carry more flavor than fresh. When you are following a recipe: ¼ teaspoon powder=3/4 teaspoon dried=2 teaspoons fresh=toothpick method for EO’s. To have better control over the amount of essential oil your putting into a recipe use the toothpick method. 

This is just a guide to get you using essential oils…when we use an essential oil internally-we are receiving all the benefits of that essential oil which supports our wellness-not just tastes good-so adding essential oils to your recipes is a win-win.

What about sweeteners-we all know the dangers of processed sugar and the addiction sugar has…A better choice would be natural sweeteners like honey or pure maple syrup . Young living offers natural sweeteners as well that are De-LIC! 

Blue Agave nectar is a delicious, natural sweetener preferred by health-conscious people for use in foods and beverages. It has a low glycemic index rating, making it ideal for those with special dietary needs and those who wish to avoid sucrose or artificial sweeteners. Substitute sugar or honey with Blue Agave at a ratio of approximately 1:3/4.
Organic Blue Agave is much sweeter than sugar, but with a glycemic index of only 25 (sugar has a glycemic index of 68-85). In recipes, use 1/2 to 3/4 cup in place of 1 cup sugar. You may also need to reduce the amount of liquid, just as you would for honey. Use like honey in beverages or on cereal, bread, etc.

Yacon Syrup is a natural alternative sweetener, similar to honey, maple syrup, molasses, or sugar cane syrup. Grown in the Andes Mountains and used since pre-Inca times, this delicious sweetener is the perfect choice for beverages, cooking, cereal, baking, and other recipes. Use ¾ cup in place of 1 cup sugar for recipes. You may also need to reduce the amount of liquid, just as you would for honey.

Ningxia berry-This premium, all-purpose syrup combines wolfberries and citrus essential oils with other naturally sourced ingredients such as blueberry, plum, sweet cherry, aronia, and pomegranate. The smooth, warm vanilla extract complements the tangy berries and citrus flavors for a balanced, fruity syrup—and its versatility means that you’ll reach for it again and again.
A few of our favorite fall treats with oils….

Some of our favorite vitality oils and why we love them (these statements have not been evaluated by the FDA)
  • Using Cinnamon Vitality oil brings a warm taste and sensation to your favorite dishes. Helps support a healthy immune system* Has antioxidant properties* Helps maintain a healthy lifestyle regimen*
  • Taking Cinnamon Bark Vitality essential oil as a dietary supplement can support healthy digestion and help maintain a healthy immune system.*
  • Take a banana smoothie to a sweet new level with a drop of Cinnamon Bark Vitality.
  • Use a drop to spice up your hot cereal. Substitute Cinnamon Bark Vitality in any recipe that calls for ground cinnamon.
  • When taken as a supplement, Clove Vitality essential oil promotes a healthy immune response* and may support overall wellness* Perfect for adding flavor to both sweet and savory dishes.
  • Substitute Clove Vitality for the ground spice in recipes.
  • Bring gingerbread, molasses cookies, and spice cake to life by adding a drop to the batter.
  • Combine Clove Vitality with the Vitality oils Lemon, Cinnamon Bark, and Nutmeg in homemade cider or wassail recipes.
  • Try adding a drop of Clove Vitality to a warm bowl of oatmeal for a tasty, comforting start to your day.
  • Embrace the versatility of Orange Vitality essential oil as a culinary tool by using it in your cooking to brighten up or complement dishes with its citrus flavor. Use it in baked goods for an acidic contrast to the sweetness of desserts and baked goods.
  • Keep your body hydrated by adding a few drops of Orange Vitality oil and other Vitality oils such as Ginger Vitality to your water for a burst of flavor. Orange Vitality combines well with other fruity flavors, making it the perfect addition to smoothies, drinks, and NingXia Red. 
Check out the UPDATED 2020 Product Guide HERE

PS...Are we friends on Facebook yet? If not, Lets be! MY FACEBOOK 

My friend Renee and I are going Live every Wednesday evening usually around 7 pm with quick tips for a happy, healthy life. Tonight we are talking about treats. You should come check it out! 

PSS... The Holiday catalog was released-Young Living released it ONCE and we crashed the website-They are working to fix the problem and we should be able to order November 9 th-BUT I will let you know as soon as it is LIVE and we can order!! HOLIDAY CATALOG

How are YOU going to spice things up?

Diffuse the situation.

You can DIFFUSE just about any situation with a difusser!

Diffusing is one of the easiest ways to begin using essential oils and one of my favorites, I use ours everyday. You can literally transform your home or work space into a personal aromatherapy oasis. 

They are the PERFECT replacement for candles. No one enjoys contact with hot wax or the hard to clean messes. Some candles release toxins into the air, YUCK. If you love your home filled with good scents without the risk, you can breathe easy diffusing essential oils. AND they are cost effective. 

Our mind creates powerful connections between scent and our emotions, surroundings and memories. Diffusing essential oils is a simple but effective way to access those connections. It can also help build new and positive memories and experiences. 

Diffusing essential oils can be a part of your daily lifestyle:
  • Creating a positive, joyful atmosphere
  • Promoting a good night sleep
  • As part of your wellness routine
  • Uplifting
  • Body and mind relaxation
  • Invite positivity and energy
  • Promote a sense of clarity and focus
  • Eliminating odors...And SO much more!
Diffusing distributes essential oil molecules through the air, effectively. Heating essential oils can make the oils less effective, so Young Living uses cold air diffusers. Ultrasonic diffusion combines the advantages of a humidifier, air purifier, atomizer and aroma diffuser into one by breaking a mixture of essential oils and water into millions of microparticles and dispersing them into the air. Young Living has several ultrasonic diffusers with features YOU will love such as The Desert Mist difusser, Aria Diffuser, Lantern diffuser, and Dewdrop Diffuser and Feather the Owl diffusser. 

How to use your Young Living Diffuser
  1. Remove both the outer and inner cover.
  2. Add room-temperature water until the level reaches but does not exceed the water fill line. 
  3. Add 8–10 drops of Young Living essential oil.
  4. Replace both lids back onto the unit; align the groove on the inner cover to the half circle on the side of the reservoir.
If you are a visual person (like me) check out Young Livings video on How to use your Desert Mist Diffuser: VIDEO

How to clean your Young Living Diffuser
  1. Rinse with warm water
  2. Spray with diluted Thieves Cleaner or vinegar
  3. Wipe down
  4. Rinse
  5. Clean the center plate w/ Q tip dipped in rubbing alcohol
Not yet a Young Living Member and NEED a difusser and oils? Explore the starter kit options HERE 
The Premium essential oil kit may be right for YOU-it comes with 12 essential oils and a difusser of your choice. 

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