It all starts with the FARMS!

It all starts with the FARMS!
Young Living is such an amazing company that keeps the environment and the people first and foremost in mind.  I have been part of Young Living for about six years and they never cease to amaze me.

David Little, Agronomist of Global Farms with Young Living gave us a virtual tour of The Young Living Farm in Mona, Utah. It was SO freaking AMAZING that I MUST tell you all about it!!

Make sure you read this to the end and then watch the video I made for you.

David was trained by and worked with Young Living’s founder, D. Gary Young who taught him the art and science of natural and sustainable production of aromatic crops.

Young Living follows strict guidelines to be sure they are creating the most effective essential oils and essential oil infused products. A HUGE part is following Regenerative and Organic Practices.

Regenerative Organic is a kind of farming that goes beyond sustainability. The idea is to create farm systems that work in harmony with nature to improve quality of life for every creature involved.

Why does it matter? 
Our body does not speak synthetic. The use of synthetic fertilizers began in 1908, this allowed more crops but comes with sacrifices. Most people are becoming more aware of the dangers of using synthetics (chemicals) from growing practices to the effect on our environment to the effects on human health.

Some of the dangers posed by Synthetic fertilizers:
  • Kill the microbiology in the soil.
  • Seep through the soil contaminating ground water.
  • Kills the balance of nature in various ways.
  • Lower nutritional value of the crops.
  • Can have a small yet cumulative effect on the health of people who eat the crops.
Why does Young Living have the most effective essential oils on the market?

It starts with the non-gmo pure seed. 
Every plant has multiple species and each species has multiple subspecies. Young Living researches the specific species and subspecies that can provide the proper genetic expression of essential oils to ensure all the right constituents so its effective to work with our body to support natural wellness.

David showed us three of the Mona Farms greenhouses: One large greenhouse has 150,000 starts of golden rod and another housed 250 thousand starts of lavender. Young living plants seeds in trays in the greenhouses and then transplants them to the fields to grow essential oils. We also had a sneak peak into the Industrial hemp room with 40 plants that will produce enough seed to plant 500 acres of industrial hemp next year.

Seeds are harvested from our fields, at harvest the best plants are held back to go to seed. That seed is then saved for the following years crop.

A soil lesson in the Blue Yarrow field
Some of the regenerative organic practices used to prepare the soil to receive the seed include:
  • Cover crops
  • Organic fertilizers like compost and mulch
  • Amendments of organic microbes
  • Inter-row cover crops
Blue yarrow is a perennial plant with shallow roots. Davis showed us the fine fibrous roots which are an indication of good crop health. I learned that there should be as much root mass below as biomass above ground. I never realized how much soil structure played an integral part. What we cannot see is the microbiology or beneficial bacteria that all work together and are the “caretakers” of the plant.

Young Living has created a “living soil” which is achieved in two parts.
  1. Ten to twenty pounds of organic compost and mulch is added to each acre when they rotate crops.
  2. They add multi-species cover crops each with a specific purpose to fix nitrogen and put organic material back into the soil.
Organic compounds provide the nutrition to repopulate and feed the plant in a way they can use it.
Integrative Pest Management
Young Living understands the importance of using natural and biological systems to manage pests.
  • Beehives are in the fields so the bees can help with pollination.
  • Permanent weed barriers of grass and clover are used in-between the lavender crops.
  • Sheep are used in weeding: They eat the clover and grass and leave the lavender-with a bonus of fertilizing the fields.
  • The releasing of beneficial insects like ladybugs, butterflies and praying mantis who eat harmful pests like aphids, white-flies, and beetles.
Fun Facts about Young Living Farms
They have 9 corporate farms, 14 partner farms & numerous seed to seal suppliers all over the world that follow Young Livings rigorous standards including regenerative organic practices.

Our farms are all over the world and each of them have different climates, different environments, different insects, and challenges leading to different regenerative organic practices at each farm. I shared some of the plants grown in Mona and some of the organic practices used. But, for example if we travel to the farm in Ecuador, we learn it is a tropical region with more rainfall, moisture and its very humid. There are specific species of plants that are grown there with their own set of regenerative organic practices.

Check out Young Living’s farms and more on the seed to seal standards at SEEDTOSEAL.COM.  

Young living inspires wellness, purpose, and abundance by distilling natures gifts into pure essential oils. With a commitment to purity, Young Living continues to grow inspiring millions of people to transform their lives.

Why does this all matter?


Before you enjoy the rest of your day...
I find in intriguing the more I learn about where my oils and products come from, I have been with Young Living for about 6 years and they literally keep astounding me with all the things they do, for us.

If something you read or saw today, sparked interest or questions-lets talk!

I am passionate about educating others about the Young Living Lifestyle. My team and I are in the process on bringing more education to you, virtually.

What would you be interested in learning more about?
  • Essential Oils 101
  • A toxin free home with the Thieves line
  • Ningxia Red-Supplementation that you drink
Shoot me a message with something you learned or something you want to know more about!

Peace, harmony & essential oils, 


My family and I have been "social distancing" since we moved up to the hills of Narnia, mostly because we live so far away from friends and family since our move four years ago. It's a minimum of a 30 minute drive to go to the store, visit loved ones and commute to work. In an effort to save time and money, I joined a few monthly subscription services. I order things like our Pet food from, our meat from Butcher box, produce from Misfits Market and supplements, household and personal care products from Young Living. 

With many supply chains having difficulty keeping things in stock, Most global companies have had to make changes and us, consumers have had to as well. When shiznit started to get real (remember not being able to get TP) and things began (and still do) disappear from the shelves-we all began helping each other and sharing recommendations on where to find the things we needed. 

With things like laundry soap, personal care products, hand sanitizer and meat becoming unavailable or with "limits" allowed at the store; it is causing great concern and even frustration. Even some of the online ordering subscriptions like Butcher Box and Misfits now have waiting lists. 

Now I NEED to let you know a few of the things Young Living has done to pivot with the changes. 
  • With increased sales on certain products leading to packaging shortages-Young Living thought outside the box and began utilizing other containers/packaging that they had for things like out hand sanitizer and thieves mints. 
  • To meet supply and demand, they have opened two temporary fulfillment centers.
  • Young Living cares for their employees and in efforts to maintain the well-being and safety of their beloved staff-they are provided with PPE, hand sanitizer and social distancing practices in the workplace. If an employee has symptoms or is sick-they are sent home WITH pay.
Now, most people know Young Living is an essential oil company, but they are SO much more than that.  I found Young Living several years ago and it has made a HUGE impact on my life. Not only am I a LOVER of all things essential oils, but I have created a toxin free home and made some incredible life-long friends. It has truly been life-changing. 

Many of us are rethinking life. So I'm guessing you might be too.  I know for many people, supply and demand (among other things) has been a real eye opener on what to do...

I invite you to listen to my Young Living story if you are .... wondering about life, ready for change or even already a member and looking for more. 

Pretty cool right?

I would love to hear what YOU are thinking right now, shoot me a message back!

If you feel this could be valuable for a friend, please share this email out. I am on a mission to help a million people, change their lives. Maybe this is NOT for you, but your referral would be greatly appreciated. The more people I can help, the better!

Have a great day, 

Mothers Day Thoughts to Magnify Your Purpose

Mothers Day Thoughts to Magnify Your Purpose
It's Mothers Day.

We are on pause and there is snow on the ground. Although Life is different, LOVE remains. Today we honor ALL the Moms. I often think about others whom have also lost their Mom today, because I have as well. I think about those who want to be Mothers and haven't been able to. I also think about those who can not see their Mothers and Mothers who can not see their children. I think about those Matriarchal figures in our life-who are not biological Moms but here to light our path in grace and wisdom. I think about the fur babies moms. I am sending lots of love and big hugs to all. 

What is a Mother?

They have this unconditional love and a forgiving heart. They make the best cookies and always know the right thing to say to make you feel better. They go without and give of themselves simply by the compassion they hold to bring happiness to others. Mothers celebrate your uniqueness and motivate you to flourish. They encourage us to overcome fears with gentle persuasion. They inspire us to do onto others as we would want done to us, as that is how they live. They have overcome struggles and challenges with grace in their step. They have endured, loved, lost and traveled their path in which they have gained wisdom to shower us with. 

My Mom.
A woman who grew up in abuse, neglect and poverty but chose to live her life in service to others. Not just in her careers as a waitress and nurse but to every human and creature she met. She picked up hitchhikers and stray cats to bring them home for a meal. She visited people in jail when the rest of their relations wrote them off. She volunteered at her church in any way she could-even cleaning when it meant her hands would break out again and hurt. She loved everyone without judgement and always gave them the benefit of the doubt. She lived humbly and gave greatly. She lived selflessly.

She taught me that LOVE trumps all. That it is better to GIVE than receive. To look for rainbows on a rainy day. That home is a safe haven full of love and laughter and dancing. To remember my roots, always. To live this one life to the best of my abilities for the highest good of all. That a little lipstick and a true smile would be my biggest aspect. To never loose hope. To always seek the good in others. She taught me to celebrate life. She taught me to seek and live my life's purpose in service to others for the highest good of all and life will unfold for me before my eyes. 

I choose to live my life on purpose.

We have ONE shot at this LIFE we live. We can choose to let life happen to us OR we can choose to LIVE our LIFE on PURPOSE. We can choose to see the glass half empty or half full. We can choose to go the extra mile to bring sunshine to someone elses life or choose to wallow in our own pity. I choose to live my life on purpose, to show compassion, to love, to spread kindness like confetti, to help where I can, to offer a listening ear, to offer guidance and encouragement. I CHOOSE to live my life on purpose in service to others for the highest good of all. 

 Affirmations for A Purpose Driven Life.
  • I am ready to step into greatness.
  • I am aligned with my mission in life.
  • I am perfectly aligned with my higher purpose.
  • I always listen to my inner voice.
  • I let myself be drawn by my life purpose.
  • The answer is within me.
  • I am going confidently towards my life purpose.
  • My passion is ready to find me.
Oil of the week
Magnify Your Purpose  is an amazing blend of essential oils including sacred sandlewood, sage, patchouli, nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger, bergamot, geranium and ylang ylang. Diffusing this aroma blend stimulates desire, creativity, focus and motivation while encouraging you to dream big. 

This is one of my favorite ALL time essential oils that I am actually diffusing today. 

May I ask you a favor?
Would you mind checking out my updated WEBSITE and watch the two short videos on my home page that will give you a little insight on why I LOVE essential oils so much?

Essential oils were my gateway to living a truly happy life after a decade of despair following the deaths of my mom and brother. These little bottles of plant juice were made for purpose and I absolutely love sharing what I have learned with others. Truth is, I am a HOPE dealer, I know my purpose is to help others tap into their true potential, live out their life purpose and live a LIFE they LOVE

This would greatly help me as I continue to move forward in my business, as YOUR opinion matters to me. In return for your time,  AND In honor of my Mom's giving heart, I would LOVE to shower YOU with some gifts. If you are NOT yet a Young Living Member and take the time to watch my videos and respond to me-I will send you a thank you gift. 

BUT, You NEED to respond by May 12th 2020 as that is when I am headed to the post office!

THANK YOU for being here and I hope you are inspired to Magnify Your Purpose on this Mothers Day. 

The Universe is trying to tell me something.

The Universe is trying to tell me something.
I couldn't help but wonder which planets aligned to give me so much grief or what Goddess I pissed off but this last week has been an at all time EPIC of emotional havoc. Is this just me?? I mean life off the charts stressful. Work has been stressful. Home has been stressful. LIFE has been stressful. 

Like I would literally barter for a haircut or massage and I'm not gonna lie (Don't judge me), I looked at my family and pondered the thought but like I would literally trade a chicken (and I LOVE my chickens) to go to a salon and another to sooth away my body for an hour long massage. Just to get away from everything and forget life for awhile. I needed escape.

Now, when I had my 185th nervous breakdown this week on Thursday after playing my favorite game of "check off the to do list" with a side of GETTING bombarded by updates/conflict/media....totally blowing my previous intention to "turn off the drama and media that freaks me out and fill me with fear and wanting to hide in the fetal position" ...I had previously made a decision to NOT partake in the conversations or articles or videos that are all one sided to the senders views on our current situation. Listen, I still love all my family and friends and honor and respect ALL however in an effort to protect MY own peace and mental well-being-I have to ignore ALL of it, right now. So instead of all those videos and articles-send me funny videos (wear I literally wet my pants), pics of your pet, kindness acts, and recipes for the crock-pot, OK:) THAT is what I like to see!

BUT, I let ALL the negativity and fear ..get to me-because well-that shiznit is everywhere and unavoidable at many times and Thursday was my breaking point.

I had to literally throw dinner on the table, run up to my bedroom to lay in bed and release all these emotions. I could not carry them with me, I knew it my heart they MUST be released. I grabbed the 3 oils that called to me (well I think they were screaming at me): Release, white angelica and forgiveness. I oiled up, and cried for about a century. Then I played one of my favorite Wayne Dyer meditations while I slathered in white angelica, joy, harmony and valor. I woke up Friday -listened to another meditation, slathered more oils and read my affirmations. Doing so, I was able to create the energy and love to carry on my duties for that day, still in awe on how or why this weeks events affected me the way they did...and still had a little baggage in the carriage...

Friday afternoon, I had shared my despair with a friend, not to drag her into the depths of hell but because SHE is one of those friends, who will listen, offer gentle support and a solution. She is also same friend whom also calls my ass out on my own shit when its needed-I am so grateful for having a friend, like her. 

EVERYONE needs one of those people in their life, if you don't have one-FIND ONE.

Anywho, I made the decision to leave my family Saturday morning to get some ME time (after working all week, having my family witness my train wreck moments of tears, screams and WTF moments with a laundry list of shiznit that should be done, needed to be done, and the family who needed and craved my attention) I told mom guilt to step aside and I told the kids momma was going on a time out. My 13 year old compassionately asked me "Are you going to see a therapist"? 

Um, sorta, yes. Nature and my BFF is what I need to re-ground myself. So yeah-I'm going to see my therapist!

I took the 45 minute drive, listening to audible and drove to said friends backyard. 

As I was listening to a killer book on Audible (on the drive-knowing the Universe gives you what you need), I realized that this is just another friendly reminder from the Universe that in THIS life  - no matter how much you work on yourself (ex personal development, meditation, etc.) that there is always opportunity for GROWTH. 

She nailed this on the head when she spoke to me "The universe wants you to GROW and BLOOM into the most GLORIOUS version of yourself, this happens through friction and challenge and the lessons we learn through these experiences".

I arrived at my destination and knew I was in the right place at the right time. The sun on my face and light breeze was refreshing to my soul. Coffee in hand, feet in the grass, said friend at my side (yes 6 feet apart) As I gazed into the beautiful trees, witnessed the chickens and ducks wondering about and the beauty that surrounded me, focusing on the moment (Carpe diem) and feeding my light. Again, slathering more oils-this time Grounding and Transformation were the 2 key players. 

And you know what? Life did not change magically overnight-but I felt like me again and realized a few things. 

The oracle card I pulled was the Luminous Warrior who reminded me to focus on MY power, wisdom and beauty. He encourages me to AVOID keeping my focus on what is wrong in the world (or me) and to instead remember that intention follows attention -so focus on the positive traits of myself and the world. And, to feed my light with more light-until I truly feel empowered. This will then allow for little need for action, as I resolve from within. 

We chatted about how the Universe sets us up-not to harm us but allow us to handle the next experience and how even the painful ones are setting us up for something bigger to happen in our life. EVEN when we do not understand the WHY at the time.  

We listened among the peaceful nature, to what was being said to us from our divine intuition. The more we step away from the noise and chatter from what surrounds us and Tune IN to our own intuition, surround ourselves with like-minded people who get it-the more at peace we become, the more love we have to give and the more open e become. 

I left with peace, love and an inner knowing that I am mastering these life lessons as I should (and those I don't master-I am grateful for the Universe to send me those gentle reminders on doing so. I allowed grace to overwhelm me knowing when I return home-to life to work, I GOT THIS. 

Where do you find your peace?


DIY Laundry soap

I love the meme that’s going around about how everything is cancelled EXCEPT laundry. It’s so true! So much Laundry all the time sorry friends, I can’t make it disappear...but...

What I CAN do is help you reduce the amount of toxins in your products & even save some cash, for more important things, like those DIY quarantine home projects!!!

Anyway, I was floored and pretty irritated when I found out how harmful chemicals in conventional laundry products are. Go ahead and look up “dangers of” SLS, petrochemicals, formaldehyde, phosphates, synthetic perfume, and optical brighteners. I bet you’ll be pretty mad like I was.

So instead of grabbing those bottles of poison and dryer sheets at the store , and spending more than necessary, grab yourself a $35 membership from my Young Living link add on a bottle of Thieves Laundry Soap, Thieves Household Cleaner & a bottle of Lemon Essential Oil.

Young Living doesn’t make you buy water so their stuff comes really concentrated. Some of my friends split the soap in half, add 2 capfuls of Thieves Household Cleaner and 20 drops of Lemon to each half and fill the bottle with water! Use 1 Tablespoon per load.

OR you can do what I did and stretch this ultra concentration formula!

Here is a tip to help stretch your laundry soap while creating a peace of mind knowing you are using plant based product instead of one filled with toxins.

Today I made 2 gallons of laundry soap using only 1/2 cup of thieves laundry soap🤗

Just think about how long one bottle of thieves laundry soap could last you🤔

In a 2 gallon glass container(or cut this recipe in half and use a one gallon container):
1/2 cup baking soda
1/2 cup washing soda
1/2 cup thieves laundry soap
1/4 cup thieves household cleaner
8 drops thieves essential oil
8 drops lemon essential oil
Add hot water to finish filling the container, stir and BOOM.

I still use 1\4 to 1/2 cup per load. So that means (using 1/2 cup per load) 2 gallons is enough for 64 loads... So one bottle of thieves laundry soap can Make eight 2 gallon containers of laundry soap...and wash over 500 loads of laundry...🥳

Then use Vinegar in your softener spot & get some wool dryer balls to replace the Dryer Sheets! You now can replace all the cleaners under the sink too with that Thieves Household Cleaner!!!!


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