DIY Elderberry and Jacked Up Honey!

DIY Elderberry and Jacked Up Honey!
During my quest of living a more natural lifestyle i found elderberry syrup. A friend found some elderberry bushes growing in her yard and made a batch and I was HOOKED. Jacked up honey is another winter wellness staple that I recently fell in LOVE with (and is great to add to tea or coffee).

Last weekend I attended a make and take elderberry syrup and jacked up honey class-it was a blast, they were super simple to make, I learned a ton and came home with my own stash!

Elderberries have been used for years by Native Americans and even in Ancient Egypt. Today its used as a supplement. In the middle ages it was considered a "holy tree" due to its ability of health and longevity. There are several different varieties and need to be cooked before eaten because the raw berries, bark and the leaves of the plant are known to be poisonous and can cause stomach problems.

These powerful berries are packed with nutrition, powerful antioxidants, support heart health and immunity and low calorie.
  • High in Vitamin C
  • High in dietary fiber-fiber helps slow digestion which helps your body absorb nutrients more effectively
  • High in flavonols -compounds great for heart and brain health
  • High in phenolic acids-work as antioxidants 
  • Rich in anthocyanins-give plants rich dark purple/red color-powerful antioxidants 
What are NingXia Wolfberries?
  • Young Living’s Organic Dried Wolfberries are a sweet, organic snack from nature that’s easy to make a part of your daily diet. 
  • With polyphenols and polysaccharides, this exotic berry is touted around the world for its taste and nutrients.
  • Powerful antioxidants.
Benefits of using local raw honey
  • Has unique flavors that are lost when industrialized.
  • Will insure that the honey has the allergens native to the area you live in.
  • Buying local is better and not just because it reduces pollution and saves resources.
  • Local, raw honey is full of all kinds of healthy ingredients. Industrial methods dilute the good stuff out.
  • Quercetin, a component of honey, has been found in studies to reduce inflammation and pollen allergy symptoms. It stabilizes the cell membranes that release histamine, which triggers allergic reactions. Raw honey also contains bee pollen and bee propolis, which boosts the immune system, and builds immunity to allergens.
Due to being thee winter season, the organic dried elderberries were purchased on line, we used local honey and Young Living essential oils. Here are the recipes we used:

Jacked-Up Honey using only Young Living Essential Oils 
4 oz raw honey
5 drops thieves vitality essential oil
2 drops peppermint vitality essential oil
4 drops lemon vitality essential oil
2 drops orange vitality essential oil
  1 drop oregano vitality essential oil
Mix all the ingredients in a 4 oz glass mason jar. 
Kids take 1 tsp once daily to support their immune system. 
Adults can take more if needed for respiratory &/or extra immune support.
Safety- always use glass jars with essential oils. 
Elderberry/Goji Berry Syrup using only Young Living vitality oils 
Using an Instant Pot
½ C dried elderberries
½ C. dried goji (Wolf) berries     
4 C. distilled water
Cover and pressure cook on HIGH for 7 min.
Allow to naturally release for 15 min.
Strain fruit from berries
Add fluid to Instapot and cook on saute on high and reduce fluid by half stirring frequently, approx. 15 min yielding 2 C. 
-Add 1 C raw honey and stir to mix
When slightly cooled add 1 drop each of Young Living Vitality Oils:
  • Lemon 
  • Thieves- has cinnamon bark, clove, eucalyptus radiata, lemon & rosemary
  • Orange 
Optional- ginger, cinnamon bark, clove 
Total yield = 3 C. 
Store in glass jar and refrigerate, use w/in 1 month
1 tsp for children
1 Tbp for adults

We only recommend Young Living Vitality oils because they are labeled for internal use, non-gmo certified and safe to use. If you do not have a Young Living account-I can help you get Young Living essential oils AND wolfberries in your home at wholesale pricing. Reach out to me and I will help you!

Peace, harmony & essential oils, 

Stay happy and healthy this winter!

Stay happy and healthy this winter!
With chilly days and unpredictable weather –its important to do everything you can to make sure that everyone in your house makes healthy choices to maintain health and happiness. 

I choose to use essential oils and plant based products in my home for my family. My family is the most important aspect of my life. If I cant get my ass out of bed in the morning because my body aches or I am lost in my own despair-I cant help them. My kids need a mom who is capable of loving them fully, providing them with not just their basic needs like food and shelter but keeping them safe from harmful ingredients in foods, in products I bring into the home. They need a role model to look up to that walks the talk from work ethic to responsibility to conscious living to helping humanity to living a life on purpose. They need a mom who is in optimal health-mind, body and spirit. 

Why are people more likely to be sick during the winter? 
During winter we are more likely to take ill do the fact that most of us will spend more time indoors, giving closer proximity yo the crud like bacteria and viruses to hop on. With low humidity times like winter, this crud can live longer in the air to allow it time to find a willing host to land on. 

Stress is the cause of all symptoms
Our body was designed to work perfectly well 24/7. Specific things happen every day that force your body to adapt and may cause you to fall below the wellness line. It starts with “symptoms” we feel and experience. Stress is the cause of all symptoms in the body.

There are 3 types and you can have to much good (toxicity) or too little bad (deficiency).

Physical stressors-too much may appear as an injury like a sprained ankle, low back issues or anything that puts too much strain on a joint, muscle, etc. Too little would be not getting enough movement, being more sedentary. Fitness and movement are essential in our life and not enough or too much could cause issues and cause us to fall below the wellness line. 

Chemical stressors-anything that goes in the body, whatever you are putting on yourself, whatever you are eating, and ingesting would go into this chemical category. So too much-toxicity-would be eating gluten for some people, or too much sugar, using personal care products and household cleaners filled with toxins that can overload our body, these are things that are body is not made to process, things our body is not designed to have in massive quantity. On the other side is deficiency- this is the thing we can forget-there is a lot of stuff that happens in a day so we forget about the things we are suppose to take and have-like water, nutrients we need. Ensuring we remove the toxic chemical stress and add in those needed chemicals like drinking enough water and getting enough vitamin d in the winter time are again crucial for our wellness. 

Emotional stressors –this is the most overlooked category when we think of our health-you can have too much bad and not enough good-too much bad-fear, shame, guilt ….this is harmful on the body…deficiency on the other  side of emotion-may be a feeling of lack of support-someone not speaking life into you, feeling lonely, isolated-this will also affect the immune system and can cause problems. 

Take a moment to assess where you are balanced in these 3 categories and what needs your focus.

What decreases our Immunity?
In order to live happy and healthy not just during the winter but all year long, We need to understand what can decrease our immunity-when you know better, you do better. Things that happen during a daily basis-but seem to increase during the winter-can decrease your immunity include:

  • Too much Sugar
  • Not enough sleep
  • Family Stress
  • Extreme weather
  • Lack of sunshine
  • Excess alcohol
  • Exposure to the crud, to toxins
I mean just reading this list is stressful!

 How do we stay Healthy?

Ben Franklin said it best...An ounce of prevention is worth o pound of cure. We live in a society where we have been taught to wait for something to happen, an illness or injury and then slap on a band aid, reach for a med to fix it. There is a HUGE lack of prevention. 

You want to do these things because you want your body to work better, you want it at optimal health, and you want to be better.We need to detoxify or remove the toxic stressors and replenish with the things we need that are lacking.

FIVE Tips for Winter Wellness

1. Provide your body with proper nutrients, decrease sugar and increase water. Did you know for every tablespoon of sugar you compress your immunity for about an hour an a half. Also, if you eat veggies before eating a sugary snack-it will help you feel more full AND the enzymes in the veggies will help you break down that sugar. Rule of thumb for water intake is to drink half your body weight in ounces every day. So for a 150 pound person, they should drink 75 ounces of water every day. SUPPLEMENT was is missing in your life..keep reading we will talk about this!
2. Get Intentional movement everyday-everyday move your body-weather it is walking, doing an online fitness program, hitting the gym. Intentional movement of our body is an essential nutrient and will help YOU stay healthy. 
3. Manage your stress-whatever works for you! I like to add in fun everyday-when your laughing you can not be stressed, gratitude journaling at night-where I sit and write out everything I am grateful for-helps me to focus on the good not the bad. Guided meditations and or visualization exercises are a wonderful way to start a more daily mindful practice especially for those whom have never meditated before-YouTube is great for this-search 10 minute guided meditation to start!
4. Get your zzzzz's. A good night sleep can help keep you happy, healthy and functioning properly. I am not a big fan on having the tv on matter of fact research has shown to detach and shut off all electronics 30-60 minutes before bedtime to allow your body to get in more of a restful state. I like to have the last thing I do (with electronics) as a goodnight meditation from YouTube. Also if the room is dark and serene at bedtime-that helps me a ton too and of course I love to add my favorite nighttime oils to my diffusser like lavender or peace and calming or cedar wood and orange. 
5. Start replacing products in your home that could be toxic to you and your family and replace them with safe, plant based alternatives. WHY?

As presented by a friend, check this out....

You may not know Lysol causes lung disease and exacerbates asthma until someone tells you.

You may not know bleach is a neurotoxin and was originally used in chemical warfare until someone tells you.

You may not know that 7th generation and Honest company aren’t all their advertised to be and have class action law suits against them until someone tells you.

You may not know that Johnson and Johnson makes totally different products for Europe because their products made for the States are too toxic to pass European standards.

You may not know the fragrance of Bath and Body Works products may cause cancer, migraines, asthma, autoimmune diseases... until someone tells you.

You may not know Tide is 70% water and fragrance until someone tells you.

You may not know that Mrs. Meyers dish soap & hand soap is an 8 in toxin rating from the environmental working group until someone shows you.

You may not know that Young Living essential oils can help raise your frequency to keep you above the wellness line, until someone tells you.

How Young Living Can Help

How can Young Living help you and your family live happy and healthy lives not just during the winter but all year long??
You guys I got in to Young Living to help me with my emotions…but I found out quickly that Young Living can literally support every aspect of my life. 

YL is an essential oil company but more so there are a lifestyle company-Gary Young, the founder is known as the pioneer of essential oils. For over 25 years Young Living has brought pure essential oils and wellness solutions to families all over the globe.

Essential oils are the most powerful part of the plant-and consist of hundreds of natural organic compounds. In humans, they support every system in the body, they have been used for spiritual support, emotional support, They have been used for thousands of years as beauty aids. An oil in a diffuser can soothe a child’s tough day at school, and provide a calming effect when you’ve had a stressful day at work. Oils can be used as an alternative to cleaning chemicals in the home. You can literally start swapping out every single chemical in your home to live a purer lifestyle; and you can do it without breaking the bank! I started using essential oils for my hot mess emotions and then began detoxing my home from harmful chemicals and toxins which created peace of mind as a mom. 

For me personally, my life is so busy and full that I don’t get all the nutrients my body needs to function at optimal function-this is why supplementation is so very important-with things like free radicals, busy schedules and fast food-supplementation with the right products are super Studies have shown that supplements infused with essential oils, the nutrients in the supplements become more bio-available-meaning your body will absorb and use them better.
Oil infused supplements are literally the bees knees for your supplementation nutritional needs. 

We cant prevent all the toxins and chemicals we are exposed to on a daily basis but we can control what we bring into our home. Our inside air is much more heavily polluted than the outside air-especially during the winter when we cant open the windows and let fresh air in-this is mostly impart to what we are cleaning our homes with, the personal care items we use and slap on our bodies and what we scent our homes with from candles to air fresheners..

Young living makes it easy to detox your life and stay above the wellness line with over 600 life changing products that are safe for you, your family, your fur babies and the environment… like essential oils, laundry soap, dish soap, bath soap, shampoo, supplements, nutrition products like shakes, household cleaner, diffuser to scent your home, toothpaste, mouthwash and the list goes on.

With wholesale memberships that save you over 24% on retail and options that begin cheaper than a costso or BJ’s membership YOU have the option to save even more money with our easy monthly ordering program called essential rewards that pays you back with points for free products, thank you gifts and discounted or even free shipping. 

Learn more about ESSENTIAL REWARDS

It’s a no brainier to support your families wellness during the winter and all year long. 

My top 5 essential oils for winter support:

THIEVES is a powerful blend and a daily favorite-from adding it to my diffuser to rubbing it on our feet or spine on the daily. Thieves vitality one of the first oils that our family experienced an aha moment-me and the 2 little's at the time were sick-my oldest daughter asked for the thieves put it in the diffuser, on her feet and in her drinking water and was the only one who didn’t catch what the rest of us had.

DIGIZE-this was my husbands gateway oil-again the little's woke up one morning and were green-we rubbed some of this on their tummies and they and they were enjoying breakfast not even an hour later. This oil is always in my purse-when eating out, trying new foods or when we need some tummy support

LEMON-oil in my water every day helps to zoop up my boring water while supporting my immunity with its antioxidants.

RAVEN-a blend including oils like wintergreen and eucalyptus-this refreshing oil allows us to breathe easy-I like to apply this one to my chest before bed or add a few drops to the shower 

PEACE AND CALMING-Now to manage my stress-I do things like deep breathing and meditation and I encourage you to find what works best for you but I will tell you when I just cant take it anymore and it’s the end of a long day I go to my Peace and calming oil-add a few drops to my hands, breath it in and rub it in the back of my neck, my chest my feet to bring me back to center-its my adult version of a soothing baby blanket and everyone needs this.

My top 5 supplements

GUT HEALTH- Every morning I support my gut health with life  9 probiotic-did you know that 1/3 of our immunity is in our gut? It is said that 85% of our issues stem from the gut-If you are having one bm for each full meal you have per day-that is the right consistency-not too soft not too hard-that means your gut is working correctly-You can take life 9 in the am or before bed but best on an empty stomach with no other supplements -you can take it 3 days per week or like I do daily. There are no essential oils in life 9 and does need to be stored in the refrigerator.

ANTIOXIDANT support: Ningxia red is a powerhouse of antioxidants and nutrients my whole family enjoys. Its made from a wolf-berry puree and wolf-berries similar to a goji berry have extremely high antioxidants and one of the highest fiber content of any whole foods. Made with pure essential oils and exotic fruits, NingXia red supports overall wellness, eye health and normal blood sugar levels. 

OMEGAGIZE-combines 3 core supplements that most of us lack-omega 3 fatty acids, vitamin d-3 and coq10. these supplements combined with powerhouse essential oils support general wellness and normal heart, eye, brain and joint health. I find that my body needs more omega gize during the winter and less during the summer based on sunshine and the types of food I eat seasonally. 

INNER DEFENSE-is a powerhouse supplement that you can take daily but I choose to take it as needed. So like in football when the offense or the crud starts to get close you need to amp your defensive measures and reach for your inner defense to amp up immunity. This supplement has saved my ass so many times especially that I work at a job where I cant always call in for a day off. The moment I feel something creeping in or I have been around others with the crud-you can bet the farm I'm taking this bad boy. One thing about inner defense is if you are taking life 9 you will want to separate the 2 by about 8 hours. 

SULFERZYME powder contains a prebiotic(helps the probiotics work), probiotic, dietary sulfur/msm –no it is NOT sulfa. This helps us on a cellular level, supporting our immune system, liver, circulation, proper intestinal and digestive function and works to scavenge free radicals. I add sulferzyme and lime essential oil to my NingXia Red everyday. 

These are just a few of my favorites I incorporate in my daily life...

Now HOW do you get these AMAZING products in YOUR home?

Friends, You HAVE Options from $35-$200 we can find the right starter kit for you. 

Head over to my WEBSITE and watch the two short videos:What are essential oils and Why Us..THEN scroll down and look at the various options available. THEN hit the CONTACT me button and LETS do this! 

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I get asked all the time why I do what I do. Why do I work so much-I have a full time job, a full time family and yet I invest more time in Young Living. It’s a twofer. First I love the lifestyle, the oils and products have change my families life, I get up in the morning with a smile on my face knowing I am doing right for my family, I get out of bed because I have the tools to help me want to live my life, I have vitality and energy and I have a passion for sharing with others who were once in my shoes. I know what its like to not want to get out of bed, I know what its like to hurt physically and emotionally..i know what its like to want the best for your kids when you feel like you have nothing left to give. 

People often tell me they cant buy from a MLM-I'm here to tell you its not a pyramid scheme, when you buy from a corporation-you are buying a CEO’s 3rd home when you buy from someone like me-you are helping me keep my daughter in singing lessons, helping me make sure my dad can stay home with all the help he needs, you are helping a friend, You see my oils tribe is like family-we have created a community of people who love and support each other and I think that is a huge piece missing from so many people lives—so not only are you supporting your own and your families health and wellness when you start your young living journey, your helping whomever enrolls you, you are gaining a family of people who are here to support you along the way, 

We are all in this together and we are here to welcome you with open arms. But you need to take the next step. Go to my WEBSITE,  watch the two videos, then hit the CONTACT me button and tell me what you liked the best!

Hope you have an amazing week, I am off to go to a DIY elderberry syrup and jacked up honey class with my oily family today-stay tuned as I will share my experience next week with you!

Peace, harmony & essential oils, 

DIY Skin Care

DIY Skin Care
why DIY? 

One really SIMPLE way to have products in your home that are safe and free from harmful chemicals is to make them yourself! Making your own products and infusing them with Young Living’s pure essential oils is a COST-EFFECTIVE way to get premium products... BETTER products for a FRACTION of the cost! 

facial cleanser

Regular cleaning is an important part of healthy, youthful skin; however, you can overdo it. Dermatologists agree that over-washing can lead to irritation and lack of moisture. If you have oily skin, you should wash your face in the morning and evening. If your skin is on the drier side, stick to once daily in the evening.  Always wash your face after workouts to prevent breakouts.


1) Take your makeup off before you cleanse. Most cleansers won’t remove all of your makeup, so start with an oil-based makeup remover.

2) Avoid drastic temperature changes while cleansing. According to dermatologists, the whole  “wash with HOT to open your pores and then finish with COLD to close your pores“ thing is a myth and it can actually cause irritation.

3) It is a good idea to cleanse your face in the shower. Mild steam can help soften hardened oil in pores.

4) Alternate your cleanser 3x a week with a gentle face scrub. Do more or less depending on how your skin feels. The Satin Mint Facial Scrub is A-MA-ZING for exfoliation.

Essential Oil Benefits

• Frankincense gives your skin a youthful appearance.

• Lavender is calming, soothing, and cleansing to the skin.

facial toner

The biggest argument in favor of using a skin toner is that it restores your skin's pH balance. Due to the alkalinity of soap, it causes your skin to be less acidic after cleansing. When the skin needs to work in overdrive to regain its more acidic natural pH level between five and six, it may overproduce oil. Using a toner can help return your skin to its proper pH level.

An alcohol-based toner strips the natural oils, so it is important to use a gentle alcohol-free toner. Make your own toner with a few easy-to-get, highly beneficial ingredients and essential oils that will transform this average toner into a premium product. Use your toner after cleansing and before moisturizing.

Vitamin E is both a nutrient and an antioxidant. Vitamin E oil prevents the formation of wrinkles by blocking free radical damage. It treats wrinkles by boosting collagen production, a connective tissue that keeps skin elastic and supports new skin cell growth and speeds up cell regeneration. If you are more prone to acne, use less or omit this from the recipe, as it is heavy on your skin.

Witch hazel is a plant native to North America and parts of Asia that has been used for centuries for its skin-soothing properties. Its powerful antioxidant and astringent benefits are known to help speed healing, prevent signs of aging, stop cellular damage that can lead to skin cancer, and eradicate bacteria that lives within the pores of the skin.

Essential Oil Benefits

Frankincense gives your skin a youthful appearance.

• Tea Tree has been used for centuries by the aborigines to cleanse the skin. Note: this oil can be drying to the skin.

• Cypress supports healthy skin. *Use with caution during pregnancy.

• Geranium promotes healthy, clear, glowing skin.

mud mask

The minerals in mud are highly effective for absorbing oil from deep within the pores as they dry, trapping the oil in the mud. Mud is often used to detoxify and tone the skin and as an anti-inflammatory agent for skin disorders.

Some other benefits of mud include: reducing signs of aging, improving circulation, shrinking large pores, rinsing away blackheads, and helping to clear acne. Please note that the mud will draw out moisture from your skin as it dries, so it is recommended that you follow up with a moisturizer. ART Light or Intensive Moisturizer are two great options from Young Living’s skin care line.

Essential Oil Benefits

Spearmint moisturizes and refreshes the skin.

• Tea Tree has been used for centuries by the aborigines to cleanse the skin. Note: this oil can be drying to the skin.

• Lavender has a calm and soothing effect on your skin.

eye serum

The goal of an eye serum is to firm your eyes, decrease wrinkles, and reduce bags and dark circles under your eyes. Everybody wants that!

Argan oil is non-greasy and non-irritating, which makes it a great natural moisturizer to hydrate and soften skin and reduce the visibility of wrinkles. With its high vitamin E and fatty acid content, argan oil is ideal to give skin a natural boost.

Almond oil is very popular in Southeast Asia and in the Mediterranean region where the almond tree was first domesticated. It has gained huge popularity in the beauty industry. It creates smooth skin and reduces dark circles under the eyes. According to an article released by “Natural Living Ideas,” some see reduced dark circles in as little as two weeks after applying under the eyes regularly.

Essential Oil Benefits

Sacred Sandalwood is calming and soothing. It also provides a youthful appearance to your skin.

• Blue Tansy is a rare botanical in the chamomile family. It has become celebrated for its use in luxury skin care products. Contains skin-cleansing and moisturizing benefits.

• Geranium promotes healthy, clear, glowing skin.

• Frankincense is popular for its ability to maintain radiant skin and to smooth the look of healthy skin.

• Lemon contains antioxidants and is refreshing, cleansing, and beneficial to skin.

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one more thing

I am passionate about educating others. I know the impact of chemicals and what its done to my family. I want the chance to share my story to help others.It is my mission to teach 200 people the dangers of toxins in their home. I want to show them evidence of how the things they purchase everyday can cause sickness in their family down the road, by sharing science, truth and fact. If you so choose to help me reach this goal by hosting a class for me to teach and if you can get 5 friends (or more) in a room to hear me out, I will gift you a hostess basket with wonderful goodies that you can use to protect your family. So, can YOU help me? AND do you know anyone else who would be interested in a toxin free home? Together, we can train our closest friends and family to protect them.
Peace, harmony & essential oils, 

A NEW year..a NEW decade is just around the corner, are you ready?

Do you ever come to the end of another year and sit in quiet contemplation of the past and fierce curiosity of the future? I find myself doing that today. I reminisce about 2019-the good, the bad and the ugly. The challenges and triumphs. The good decisions and the stupid mistakes. The losses and the gains. The lessons I have learned and the ones that I haven't mastered as of yet. 

It's the time of year when most of us are thinking about goals and resolutions for the new year-and this year-we are entering a new DECADE of our lives!

Usually this happens because we think about ALL the things we said we wanted to do or accomplish....but we didn't. The family vacations we did not take or the time we promised loved ones that we did not make time for...ALL the things we did NOT accomplish. UGH.

According to research on the topic, about 60 percent of us admit that we make New Year's resolutions but only about 8 percent of us are successful in achieving them.

Life is certainly an ebb and flow which make me question thinks like is there balance in life and do dreams really do come true. Why do so many people continue to struggle with life-from relationships to finances to health and others supersede and succeed to amazing new heights?

Well, a quick google search or even having  a conversation with a successful person in your life may shed some light on this. The primary correlation I have found -between all the influencers and self help gurus out there is- the difference is that successful people WORK at their goals to create the successful life they have. 

Jim Rohn explains this better "The answer might well be that we do not work at achieving our goals, and they do. We do not take all that we are to the marketplace and put it to work. They do. We do not stay up late at night developing new plans to achieve our dreams and work hard day after day to make those dreams a reality. They do. We do not learn all that we possibly can about our industry and our markets. They do. We do not make every effort to get around the right sources of influence, to associate with those people who can help us to achieve our goals. They do. While we are dreaming about the promise of the future, they are doing something about it. 

We all hope for a better year, especially if the year we are leaving behind is a tough one. Every New Years on Facebook people always say THIS YEAR IS GOING TO BE SO MUCH BETTER THAN THE LAST. 

I don't know about you, but this time-next year, I want to be reminiscing more about HOW freaking awesome 2020 was instead of how it sucked and another year went by and my dreams still have not come true, 

I am sharing top 5 tips to make 2020 your best year ever and ways to stay on the path to your dreams.

1. You have to know where you are before you figure out where you are going. This is a good time to do a year in review (or if you are brave and committed enough-a decade in review-google search). Marie Forleo speaks about a TEN YEAR REVIEW

This is especially important if you are the one who creates resolutions or goals and never seem to achieve them. It is a good honest look-this will help you determine what skills you need to work on, goals you need to set and work on and help with your plan to move forward in your life. 

This is a GREAT journaling exercise with a cup of peppermint tea by the warm fire. 

Ask yourself: 
What has my life been like up to this point?
What would I like my life to look like? to feel like?

 “Taking stock at year-end gives you an opportunity to [focus] and help you to adjust your approach to work,” says Juliet Murphy, an executive career coach in Orange County, California. 

2. Bob Proctor shares that most people fail with goals and struggle with life despite trying desperately to change their end results  because of a common error. Most people who are sick, broke and unhappy are trying to change their results by their actions BUT fail because they do not realize our actions are continuously motivated by our MINDSET.  Our results are a direct reflection of our mindset. 
So if you are rolling your eyes, listen to Bob about this HERE

But in short-crappy mindset=crappy life, positive/abundant mindset = positive/abundant life. 

Are you open and committed enough to make any mindset changes required to make 2020 the best year ever?

3. Stop and think about what you really want, What do you want your life to look like, to feel like?  One suggestion is to pick a goal/desire you have in the following categories: Finance, Health, Relationships (family/friends), Career(of hobby). Now if 4 goals is to much-pick the TOP goal. Seriously take 30 seconds and write it down! You are starting your new year off with actual goals, dreams, hopes and targets that will make your 2020 the best year ever. Now turn these goals into 1 year goals (If you cant complete them in 1 year-reduce them down a bit where you CAN complete them in 1 year). They need to be attainable yet still inspire you!

Check out this brief video on GOALS

4. Get Accountability and do NOT give up!  I found this powerful exercise: Get out a blank piece of paper. Choose one of the persons that will be holding you accountable. Write Dear <Friends Name> at the top of the paper. Followed by, I, <Your Name> promise to consistently make progress on <Their assigned goal> for the entire year of 2020 until it is achieved. I will give you monthly updates on my progress. Sign your name on the bottom. Do the same thing with your other 2 goals.   This step stops many people, but please adapt it to your situation.  This step is important, figure out a way to make it work with your life. Give those papers or send those Emails to the respective persons and post your goals in a location where you can review them daily. Update your new accountability buddies on your progress and look out 2020. 

5. Create a Plan to achieve your goals/resolutions. "The best resolutions are those that actually include a plan of action," says hypnotist Michael Ellner. Applebaum says people set themselves up for failure because they commit to a resolution, fully knowing they have no plan in place to actually achieve it.

"You need to create a plan that will help you achieve your goals," say Karena and Katrina, founders of "Break your end goal down into smaller, weekly goals so you feel like you're working towards something immediate, and make a calendar with something to do every day that will get you closer to your desired result," they say.



Feel like you're lacking in a few areas of your life like confidence, health, relationships, and finances?  Join me on an ABUNDANCE CHALLENGE starting January 1st. Register for the ABUNDANCE CHALLENGE.


Sunday, January 12, 2020, 12-5 PM
163 Kenwood Ave, Oneida, NY (the former Oneida Ltd administrative office building kitty corner from the Mansion House)

Come together for a supportive, inclusive, sacred gathering of women taking a few precious hours to care for and celebrate ourselves! Workshops and experiences include:
. Reiki . Music . Goddess Head Wrapping
. Gentle yoga . Bellydance . Healing Sound Immersion
Awaken Your Inner Goddess Workshop
. Essential Oils . Vendors . Water, fruit, & tea provided

Admission: $40

Payment in advance is required for this event, as we anticipate selling out!  Payment functions as registration, and we are accepting payment a few different ways:

1.  PayPal to Gina Gausman at PayPal, (friends & family option, please).

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