Happy Beautiful Me Skin Care!

I recently attended the Young Living's Virtual Convention and learned about the BLOOM skin care line, ordered it-started using it right away and am in LOVE. My skin has never felt better!

Here is what I learned that I MUST share with you...
Woman to woman, I know you care for your skin and you don't want to compromise on ingredients that may be harmful to you, your family, or the environment. Young Living is committed to offering clean, effective skin care that is safe for you and the planet. These products were carefully selected sourced created and crafted to help you. The new bloom by young living collection. 

Many common ingredients in skin care products on the market can be harmful. For example, phthalates, parabens and synthetic fragrances. Bloom is a Modern, effective clean skin collection that is beautiful to look at and fun to use.

Creating bloom was a labor of love to bring high quality. This is a luxurious experience. Advanced formula and beautiful packaging. Instant hint of radiance with an instant shimmer and after consistent use you will see long term brightening benefits period bloom is great for all skin types.

Bloom Cleanser
it's a smooth gel texture with a luxurious smell. Reminds me that I have permission to care for myself and enhance my skin. The shine to it is from ethically sourced mica. The hydrating cleanser provides a good clean without stripping your skin like other cleansers. Your face feels clean but also soft and healthy. It's gentle and effective.

Bloom Essence
Bloom uses ingredients people know about. The primaria flower has been used to soften skin and hair for centuries with beautifying properties -from the South Pacific . Apple extract in the brightening essence is magical. It can increase hydration in your skin 88%. It makes your skin hydrated and glowy. Everyone raves about it. This is an extra step not everyone takes to take care of their skin. It feels indulgent, smooth skin texture and a nice prep step for your moisturizer. It's a little thicker than a toner but not as heavy as a cerium and it's not sticky.

The glow is so noticeable and it's due to the hydrating formula and quartz crystalline micas. Micah is a naturally occurring mineral in several places on the earth. But for this product the mica is coming from France and the US using only sustainable practices. So the particles are very fine and add a really pretty shimmer to the essence and to your skin, creates the glow, creates an optical illusion that bounces lay off your skin and makes it look smoother, younger and more radiant. This is a totally natural shimmer, radiant glow. You even see this glow in the bottle and that glow is the mica. BLOOM ESSENCE is the bees knees!

The packaging is really neat as well on the inside of each package is a design there is a flower for the customer to color an cut to make a piece of art all on their own. There are stress relieving benefits to coloring. You can help reduce our carbon footprint by upcycling the package as well. Share your creativeness and # bloombeauty.

Bloom lotion
The oil used comes from the happy pili tree farm in the Philippines. Most people only need two pumps to hydrate your face without feeling heavy. Happy pili oil provides moisturizing ingredients for a nice glow . The oil comes from the nuts harvested from the Young Living happy pili tree farm in Philippines.

Ginger root extract is used to brighten skin and balance skin tone. Seaweed derived ingredients are also used to help brighten the skin an increase radiance . All these products are brightning because that is what this line was created for. Many people across the globe have uneven skin tone, dark spots, dull skin. Most products that address these concerns have tons of chemicals in ingredients that you don't want to put on your skin. You can't even pronounce them. You don't see them in nature and you don't want to.
Bloom brightens the skin helps even skin tone and it's naturally derived. This is huge as more people are understanding what our environment is doing to us with free radicals and sun exposure our skin is exposed on the daily. Free radicals are created by the environmental stressors And  most people know that free radicals damaged the skin but what they may not understand is that it's damaging your DNA. This is the first sign of aging starts to appear like loss of radiance, discoloration and uneven skin tone.
it is recommended that you use all three products together as a set . This kit will last between 30 to 45 days. Hong Kong sold out of a six month forecast in three hours of this bloom collection. More than 50 Young Living members around the goat globe tried the bloom products and love them.
Sherlume Has been expanded into the bloom products. An advanced formula powered by a sophisticated, proprietary blend of alpine botanicals and pure essential oils, Sheerlume will visibly brighten and balance skin tone. Because sheerlume is in each of these three products it saved lighter sent and each as you will be layering the products on your skin. The essential oils in the bloom with extraordinary benefits of these plant ingredients are davanna , vetiver , sandalwood and more.

How to use
It's recommended that you use bloom morning and night . The cleanser you simply wet your skin use a nickel size into your palm of the hand an massage into your face and rinse off but take a moment to breathe it in. Step 2 is using the essence you will want to gently shake the bottle first and use a quarter size amount and again in your palm of your hand and gently press into your skin in your neck let it set first few seconds and then use two pumps of the lotion and apply that to your face and neck as well.

Order Now!
Check out ALL the new products HERE.
Get these Products today, your skin will thank you! 

Have you used Bloom? Share your experience! 

Summer Time

Summer Time
While summer is one of the most amazing times of year, it brings its own unique set of challenges. How do you best care for and support your body during this season?  How do you protect your skin from the sun or rehydrate after long days in the water? How can you keep those pesky bugs away?

Throw on that sundress and flip-flops or those Bermuda shorts and boat shoes, because SUMMER is Here!

Did you know??
Vitamin D is sometimes called the “sunshine vitamin” because it’s produced in your skin in response to sunlight. It has been found to help fight disease, reduce depression, and help with weight loss.


Do you want to learn how to take care of yourself and your skin so that you can soak up ALL THE SUN?

SKIN: The before and after care you need.

Let’s talk about the trifecta of skin-loving products.The excitement of longer, brighter, and warmer days can make some a little reckless when it comes to caring for their body.

Did you know that too much skin exposure to the sun can not only put you at higher risk of skin cancer but also can prematurely age the skin? You want to filter out UVA and UVB light waves in order to protect your skin. If you can’t avoid the sun, then you can use sunscreen to block those waves. But what about all those chemicals found in sunscreens?! For example, do yourselves a favor and look up Oxybenzone. YUCK!

Cue Young Living!

Made with ingredients you can feel good about, Young Living’s Mineral Sunscreen Lotion provides protection against UVA and UVB rays without harsh chemical ingredients. With hypoallergenic ingredients and skin-loving essential oils, including Helichrysum, Carrot Seed, and Sacred Frankincense, this gentle sunscreen rubs on smoothly, so you can effortlessly apply it when you're outdoors.
We also need to talk about how to love your skin after being kissed by the sun.
When you stay out in the sun too long, refresh and recover with Young Living’s LavaDerm™ After-Sun Spray. This naturally derived after-sun spray offers temporary relief from the pain and itching of minor burns, minor cuts, sunburns, scrapes, insect bites, and minor skin irritations, so your family can keep playing all day.
After that, moisturize, moisturize, moisturize.
Young Living’s Coconut Lime Replenishing Body Butter features Lime essential oil and uses plant-based ingredients to deeply moisturize your skin with a non-greasy formula.  
 Isn’t it funny how when we are deprived of something (summer) for nine months of the year, we initially forget all of the trials and tribulations associated with it? We will all too soon be plagued by mosquitoes, gnats, and flies when all we want to do is enjoy a bonfire or walk along the beach. It’s tempting to reach for the classic insect repellant, but before you do that, flip over the bottle to see if DEET is an active ingredient.

DEET is a registered pesticide. It is a member of the toluene chemical family. Toluene is an organic solvent used in rubber, plastic cements, and paint removers. DEET is absorbed through the skin and can pass into the blood. It can cause allergic skin reactions and eye irritation. A 2013 analysis of about 4,000 DEET-related calls to poison control centers found that 450 people needed medical treatment after applying DEET, and two died.  Most cases of seizures, slurred speech, coma, and other serious side effects have occurred in people who ingested DEET or applied it for three or more days in a row or used products with 95 percent DEET or more.  

No, thanks. I’ll pass...

Young Living came out with an Insect Repellent that has been tested to repel mosquitoes, ticks, and fleas using 100 percent naturally derived, plant-based ingredients. 

Pure sesame oil and a carefully selected blend of essential oils traditionally used for their bug-repellent properties come together to make up all 99 percent of the active ingredients in this formula. The other 1 percent? Vitamin E. That means you can use it on your little ones and not worry about the synthetic chemicals used in many traditional repellents. You’ll also love the pleasant, citrusy aroma and smooth, non-sticky application.

How to get these products delivered to YOUR home-There are two options when getting started. 

As a Retail Customer, you will pay FULL RETAIL PRICE. Yuck!! Who wants to do that?!?! Not me.

As a Wholesale Member, you get 24% off retail for a LIFETIME and have access to all the great membership perks like the Essential Rewards program & FREE shipping! Who wouldn't want that?!?

As a member of my team, you also get access to our private community for lots of support and a place to ask questions. I offer a three-month wellness plan to help you use your starter kit to its fullest and discover new oils & products that align with your goals.

Another great thing... Young Living offers referral bonuses to members. That means you can help your friends get started just like you did and put a little money in your pocket at the same time. It's as simple as passing along your member number to them. Anyone can do it. It's easy peasy! 


There are a handful of kit options for getting started as a member.

The Premium Starter Kits (PSK) are the best bang for your buck because you save even more money starting with a bundle of products and you have a full set of products to start your wellness journey. 

Currently, you have four different PSK options to get started.

1. Essential Oils Starter Kit (starts at $165; price changes with diffuser choice. Four diffuser options available) - RETAIL VALUE IS OVER $400!!!!

You can see this kit in the picture here! A ton of the oils-and a DIFFUSER!

2. Thieves Starter Kit (was $160 now $125)

3. NingXia Red Starter Kit (was $170 now $135)

4. CBD Starter Kit (Two options $165 or $250)

All these starter kits include your lifetime membership! Simply pick your favorite starter kit and then you can add any oils/products you want to try!! Keep reading to find out how the Essential Rewards program works!! You're gonna want to check that box off at checkout... find out why next! 

Ordering Options

You can always order using a Quick Order. There are not many perks to ordering this way so let me fill you in on what ER is so you can plan to order your monthly products on that rewards program!

It’s an optional program that will help you save money and give you free gifts when you order. I call this #Spaving: it’s spending and saving at the same time.

Essential Rewards has LOTS of perks including the ability to choose what comes inside your box AND when it processes! Leave it as is or change it every month.. up to you! 

  • Limited to ONE Essential Rewards order per month
  • Minimum order amount of 50 PV (Product Value)
  • Can still order additional items through a Quick Order if needed
  • Discounted shipping
  • Earn Essential Rewards points towards future orders - the % back increases with time!
  • Loyalty gifts every 3 months for the first year then once a year thereafter
  • Freebies starting at 100pv order totals (new promos announced monthly)
  • Access to exclusive discounted bundles like the NingXia Red ER Kit & the Thieves ER Kit 
  • Qualifies you to receive referral bonus money for helping friends enroll with a Premium Starter Kit

Guess what?? You can now enroll in Essential Rewards right away! Your Premium Starter Kit can count as your first ER box! That means you'll get a FREEBIE product (varies with each month) plus 10% back in rewards points RIGHT AWAY!

But wait, there is more....

If you enroll with ME- with a Premium Starter Kit AND make that order your FIRST monthly essential rewards Order YOU will also get:

A FREE bottle of Young Living's Envision Blend-it is the July 100 PV ER Promo!

1. Access to our member only community.
2. A welcome package from me-snail mailed.
2. An email series from me welcoming you to Young Living. 
3. $25 back in product credit YOU can use on your next order.

But you need to enroll before July 24th. 

Looking for education? We have that TOO!

What summer time product are YOU most excited about?

On the fence? THIS may be for you! *AMAZING-Time sensitive SALE starts NOW!

On the fence? THIS may be for you! *AMAZING-Time sensitive SALE starts NOW!
I have been teaching and sharing about oils for a hot minute now-BUT I had to learn how to pivot and have been teaching and reaching more people with online classes about oils...like MADLY for the past month. When you find something you LOVE you can NOT help but to share with your friends and family and their friends and family. 
People often tell me they are OVERWHELMED by all the info and are unsure how or where to start.

Maybe YOU are too. 
  • Do you wonder in the back of your mind if these drops of plant juice will stack up to what you have been using for years? 
  • Maybe you love the idea of oiling but feel overwhelmed. 
  • Maybe your not quite ready to step out of habits and into a clean lifestyle.
  • You want to make changes, but unsure how.
  • Maybe you are asking yourself, is this WORTH the investment.
  • Maybe you are unsure if the oils even work. 
It's OK. 

I am here to help you. I will carry you from those places. I was YOU. I came from the darkest past and walked THIS path. You can listen to more of my story HERE

Young Living is an absolutely WONDERFUL company that brings essential oils and more than 600 LIFE changing products are safe for you, your family and our planet. THIS is a company with HEART, offering a hand up to those in need. We just finished our yearly convention and you can learn more about what I experienced HERE.

Their mission-A healthy home for each of us and a healthy world for all of us. 
AND...it just keeps getting better every day! There are many ways to get started-You can explore the starter kits on my WEBSITE

BUT they just announced the sale of the YEAR you guys! 

They are offering a FREE diffusser with purchase of the Welcome Home Kit.  It would be a total disservice if I did not tell you about this deal!

This promotion will run from June 24 at 12 noon Mountain Time until June 30 at 11:59 PM MT or while supplies last!

Welcome Home Kit with free Dewdrop Diffuser!
• Item No.: 26640
• Wholesale Price: $125
• PV: 100
• Limit 1 for NEW enrollments only

What’s in the Welcome Home Kit?
• Frankincense, 5 ml*
• Lavender, 5 ml
• Peppermint, 5 ml
• Valor, 5 ml
• Grapefruit, 15 ml*
• Lemon, 15 ml
• Lime, 15 ml
• Tangerine, 15 ml
• FREE Wooden Vitality oil rack
• FREE Dewdrop Diffuser

My name is Beth Aust, I am a Young Living executive leader and essential oils addict, and I am here to HELP you grow confident with oils and get the most out of your starter kit. I have been using and sharing this lifestyle for 6 years. I have seen people FALL in love and become HARD CORE oilers. I have also seen brand new kits sold online-It comes down to one thing-they never knew the treasure that was inside that box. 

Why so much excitement over these oils? 
Because it has the power to alter your life. It is a course correction. It is a complete shift in your perception on how you care for you and your family. 

I invite YOU to come and learn along side our team. We have an amazing community of oilers who have PASSION. We teach you how to use your kit, We have an exclusive Facebook Community where your education and support continues-with a whole lot of new friends waiting for you. 

Take advantage of this AMAZING sale-get started with oils and join a company that puts people first and our community whom will wrap their arms around you and carry you with us on your oily journey. 

IF you missed our essential oils 101 class-respond back to this message with your cell number and I will send you a 20 minute textable class that you can listen to for FREE like a podcast from your phone. 

If you are ready to get started-respond to this email with WHOM from our team invited you to learn more-and I will send you THEIR custom link-so YOU can be part of OUR oily tribe and Your friend gets the credit!

If I have invited you, you can use my link HERE.

If you still have questions-respond to this email or text me at 315-264-5554-Let me HELP you.

Today is the FIRST day of the rest of your life!

Peace, harmony & essential oils,

A Healthy Home for Each of Us, A Healthy World for All of us

Young Living's convention was this past week and although we can not get together in person to experience the thrill, meet new people, walk through the expo and see the amazing sights. We were able to join virtually, and like always...Young Living did not disappoint. 

Once a year, members from all over the world get together to celebrate, learn and connect with like minded people. The new products always proving that YL is a company of innovation with the needs of people and love of the planet at first and foremost in their minds. The workshops, education and comradery is soul filling. 

I have been a member for almost 8 years. I grabbed my starter kit of essential oils to support my emotions and mental health. Amazed at the results I experienced, I began researching and studying thee many uses of essential oils. I learned about the dangers of GMO's in our foods and the toxins in our everyday products. This was an eye opener to me as I lost my mom and brother to Cancer and learned that genetics only plays a small role in things like cancer, but what played a bigger deal is what we put in our bodies (out nutrition) on our bodies (personal care products) and our environment (what we use and clean with in our homes). 

Upcoming Virtual Events
I am actually teaching a ZOOM class in July about creating a healthy home. This is one of our core classes we educate others on-My event page will be updated soon BUT If you want the details before anyone else-respond to this email and I will give you the details!

Also, I host private virtual classes for FREE-contact me for details and how you can get a hostess thank you bundle!

This wake up call led me to decide to be the CEO of my family's health, happiness and safety. Young living is a full disclosure company and I knew I could trust the ingredients listed on the package. No hidden trade secrets like other companies. 

Young Living's Mission?
A Healthy Home for EACH of us, A Healthy World for ALL of us. 

Mother Theresa Said
 "If you want to change the world, go home and LOVE your family." 

To me, it just made sense. I love my family and the easiest thing for me to do to show I care was to educate myself on what I could do. We moved from the city into the country and continue to build a mini homestead-to provide fresh air and eggs, teach my kids how to grow a garden, enjoy the berries and fruits that we planted because I KNEW this was important to me. BUT also Young Living helped me detox my home from harmful toxins that were lurking in MY HOME. I could keep my family healthy, happy and safe by using plant based, truly natural products. No green washing here.

They make it SO easy, I can change my monthly order to what I need and want and with over 600 products to choose from! I order my laundry soap, dish soap, shampoo, household cleaner, air fresheners and even my makeup. AND these products are highly concentrated-they last a long time which is a no brainer for this frugal Momma. 

I have learned SO much being part of Young Living. This lifestyle has encouraged me to live my best life, to work on personal development and to offer a hand up. The relationships I have made along this journey, priceless. I have never had so many friends that are like family!

Gary Young created the D Gary Young Foundation which finds organizations that are already doing good and helping them do even more by offering a hand up not a hand out. The Foundation has HEART. Matter of fact, This year-they have their first essential oil blend called One Heart. This is the Young Living Convention blend too. This blend was created to celebrate joy of creating unity and connection in our communities by opening our hearts to love and service to others. 

The COOL thing is that the label was created by Anita, whom was one of the first graduates of the Young Living academy in Ecuador and now studying graphic design. She used traditional Ecuadorian symbols including the bird of Ecuador and fish and hands that represent coming together to symbolize serving a greater purpose. 

This blend features an inviting sweet harmonizing and refreshing aroma. Using this oil encourages a bright outlook on life, helps you find your center and connect to your inner spirituality-allowing you to feel confident as you reach out to others with compassion, kindness and service. It inspires a calming yet uplifting environment when diffused. 

I am so excited for this oil and the best part, 35% of proceeds goes back to the foundation to continue to empower, inspire and change the lives in need. Talk about something that provides the highest good for all....

There are so many ways to help, every month I round up my order to donate, This year-they are raffling off TWO Harley's and a Jeep-you know we bought tickets for that AND I also participated in the Foundations (virtual) 5K to support this AMAZING organization. There motto this year is "Be One for Someone" Check out the awesomeness!

I mean the new products are freaking amazing-happy beautiful me skincare, one heart oil, that necklace the new diffusers (just a few of my favorites) but seriously offering wellness, purpose and abundance while lifting the world up... 

  • 6.5 million members
  • 25 corporate and partner farms
  • 21 offices in 32 markets
  • Shipping in more than 100 countries 
  • Over 550 products
  • More than 220 essential oils 
  • Over 480,000 people saved, changes and empowered by the Young Living foundation 
ALSO, Young Living is a company that has 78.25% retention rate. That means the people who order Young Living, keep coming back-because they LOVE this lifestyle.

With a vision for a healthy home for each of us and a healthy world  for all of us, this shows that Young Living is THE company that is going above and beyond for each of us. 
What's New? 
SO... have you been sitting on the edge of your seat waiting to see what Young Living has up their sleeve this year? Well, the wait is finally over!

Can I just say Savvy Minerals Liquid Foundation, Thieves Chest Rub, and four new MINI KITS!!

Use this link to check out ALL of the new products:

It's a blessed life.
I am blessed to be an empowered woman empowering others one drop at a time. I want to help you. 

Is there something in your life that you want to change?  Do you have struggles that you just are not sure how you will overcome? Do you want to learn more about how you can truly live a life you love?

Let's chat, 


Psstt....Fathers Day is tomorrow!

With Fathers Day approaching...

I am blessed to have my Dad here with me. He moved in with us just about a year ago
and it has been truly an amazing blessing. Growing up my dad taught me SO many lessons 
from  purposeful lessons like the importance of my attitude to practical tutorials like how to change a tire

Watching him with my children warms my heart and they love having Grampa 
(and grandma-my mother in law) here with them. He helps them learn music-currently
piano, guitar and ukulele (we don't do one thing at a time around here LOL). That is something
I never had-was the opportunity to have a strong relationship with my Grandparents
and I am so grateful, they do.  

The other man in my life is my husband.

I love watching Josh and my Dad together, it is crazy the amount of likeness I see in them.  
When I was young, I remember hearing people say "You marry your parents" and I can tell 
you-the similarities are uncanny. They are both detailed oriented, thinkers and doers.  
Josh always "makes things happen". Currently, due to current circumstances- we have no
one to help build the garage-so he has been working his more than full time job and building 
a garage. 

He is an amazing father to our kids, that is why I married him. When we met 15 years 
ago, I saw how he treated my 2 oldest girls and he still loves them and cares for them as if they 
were his own. Our youngest have their Dad to show them the cool stuff, watch their favorite 
movies together and they witness first hand the dedication of hard work, kindness and vision casting.

Celebrating the Dads

This month we get to honor all the fathers in our lives,  showing them just how special they really are. 
I am blessed to celebrate my favorite two men tomorrow. 
When I think Fathers Day, I think cookouts! 
So grab your oils and whip up this easy grilling marinade, 
throw some steaks on the grill, and celebrate!

Soulful Quotes

“My father didn’t tell me how to live. He lived and let me watch him do it.” – Unknown 

“Some people don’t believe in heroes but they haven’t met my dad.” – Unknown 

“The love between a father and daughter is forever.” – Unknown 

“You brought me every single toy that I wanted when I was young. I hope I can return the favor when I grow up by achieving every single goal that you always wanted me to. I love you.” – Unknown 

“Behind every great daughter is a truly amazing dad.” – Unknown

“He was a father. That’s what a father does. Eases the burdens of those he loves. Saves the ones he loves from painful last images that might endure for a lifetime.” – George Saunders

“I smile because you’re my father. I laugh because there’s nothing you can do about it.” – Unknown 

 “In the darkest days, when I feel inadequate, unloved and unworthy, I remember whose daughter I am and I straighten my crown.” – Unknown 
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