Real Life Stories

Today I was blessed to be invited to a leadership lunch on the lake. Growing my Young Living business has been an incredible adventure.

Many people think I just “sell oils” but no, not exactly...Other people roll their eyes... but it’s not their fault, they don’t understand. They think oh another network marketer with her scams.... 

Here is what I REALLY do...

I get to help people. I help people feel better.
I help people reach goals. I help people love their life again.

I have had people come to me with concerns that they can’t sleep or their tired all the time or they have headaches and don’t know why. I talk to them about common offenders-these lurking poisons in their home that they knew nothing about.

I help others that are in a dark place to see the light with love, encouragement, a listening ear and support.

I show them a better way. Together we create a plan for wellness based on their priorities. I walk with them step by step, provide resources and continued education so they are well informed. Then I empower them to take simple attainable steps to grow into the person the wish to become and to live a life they love.

I’m not just a saleswomen off to the next sale, I’m an advocate for clean living. I am an educator. I am a hope bringer. I inspire you to be more. I walk this journey with you.

I am ONE for someone.

Before Young Living, life was dark. I didn’t always choose the right circle of people. I had no hope for a better future. My finances sucked. My health was in the toilet. I questioned my spirituality. I struggled with my emotions. I was uncomfortable around others....More on that later.

Insert Young Living...

The past seven years I have met some amazing people whom I would have never met if it wasn’t for YL. I have detoxed my home from toxins that were making my family sick. I have found my purpose and joy by helping others. I have learned to work harder on myself and am evolving into the person I know I can be. I have learned to care for my family, my home and my homestead in a more natural way. I have more energy. I sleep better. My relationships are amazing. I am creating the life I have dreamed of.

Young living has changed my life and I get to help others change theirs too. Its not always about the money friends, I’m sure you know that. It’s about following your passion, helping people and growing yourself along the way... the money earned well that’s just a positive side effect 😉

Since I have been working this business on a serious level, my personal team and I have helped over 100 families.

Speaking of money and jobs.....

70% of Americans that are now unemployed or afraid of loosing their job according to the most recent Marketplace-Edison Research Poll.

Courtney Epps (accountant) shared that her goal is to let everyone know that a home business (HB) will save them so much money in taxes if they are a W-2 worker and it just makes sense for every family to take advantage of what it offers. She is so knowledgeable on tax information for home businesses.

THEN today, I received some stats about my company.

Young Living is experiencing another GROWTH SPURT!

Young living had 36,000 rank up advancements in June and 333,642 Commission checks paid out. That is a 26% increase over May! I am so happy at the success we are collectively experiencing!!! It may be time to consider taking a look to see if this business fits you-schedule a free consult with me today.


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This event is happening August 9th-22 2020. I would get in their NOW-so you Don't miss a thing!

PS...Pop on during my life and say HI-I will make sure you get something special from me!
I will be going live Friday August 14th at 8 AM EST.

These stories will blow your socks off!!

See ya then, 


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