She shouted from the rooftops "Move away FEAR, I have a life to create"
As modern society is filled with daily life pressures and endless to do lists, the stress adds up. Topple that with chaos from headlines created to instill fear and we have a recipe for mental anguish teetering disaster.   
I am NOT saying we should not be educated, but rather take what we need and leave what we don't. We DO need to have the discernment to determine what in fact resonates with our inner knowing and what does not. 
As humans, we have 60,000 thoughts per day and have no deficit of creating our own internal fears that can prevent us from living our best lives. We don't need any more help in the fear creating department. 
We were meant to ENJOY this life and we have no room for distractions including fear to get in our way. I don't want to be just a dreamer and a sideline watcher…I want to be the achiever and manifester in my life while guiding others to do the same.
As a busy mom, wife, full time nurse, caregiver and a girl with far away dreams (who just happens to be in her mid forties), I knew in my over-scheduled life I had to regain some peace and clarity. After a discussion with friends on the importance of living the dream life I craved and finding my true purpose in life, I dug into some inner work through meditation and journaling. 
I pulled myself out of the future daydream state and focused on the present, then asked myself these questions and encourage you to do the same:
What excites me?
What do I LOVE doing?
What reoccurring thoughts do I have?
What passion is inside of me awaiting to flourish?
What am I craving?
What do I need?
When you do this exercise, pick a quiet uninterrupted space-and journal whatever comes up-if it doesn't make sense now, it may later. 
Almost immediately I craved and needed to find some inner peace. I remembered the peace and serenity I enjoyed among nature as a child. Growing I found calm in ALL things natures from playing in the woods, swimming in creeks to rescuing stray animals.  There was a grounding and peace I had found among nature and looking back I often enjoyed time alone in the woods. 
I love spending time with my family, from making to planning subtle surprises to epic memories. It excites me to see my kids laugh and flourish and to hear my Dad play the piano and to watch my husband in his "create" state. 
I know in my heart, I was meant to help others who feel stuck in life to truly love the life they live, I don't have it figured all out yet, but I trust the process and starting at home. The reality is we all get to write the next chapter of our book because WE are the author. 
Now I do realize that no two people share the same purpose and that some people seem to know their purpose and rock it out while others are wondering if they even have one. If the latter is you, you do my friend-we sometimes have to take a deep breath and focus on what is right in front of us, the present. 
Finding the purpose in the present is often overlooked but it is the starting point no matter your past, if you know your life purpose or not; living in your present purpose can be the gatekeeper to lessons we learn along the way. 
What if finding the purpose in your present was as simple as the foods/nutrition you ate (and fed your family) to the products you choose to bring into your home to what you put on your skin. What if you chose to enjoy every moment, scheduled that self-care time in to include meditation or exercise or date night. We all want the best for our families, for them to stay happy and healthy and to have a purpose driven life. 
For me, the smell of pure lavender essential oil took me back to that calm place that I forgot existed. As I continued to explore and use the oils, I found the ability to incorporate essential oil infused products into (the whole families) lives to support a more natural, holistic lifestyle supporting mind, body and spirit.
I choose to find my purpose in the present. I love living up in the rolling hills of central New York, watching sunrises, raising chickens and kids,  and continue to build our homestead enjoying fresh fruit, berries and tending to their gardens in the summer and carry nature inside during the winter diffusing my favorite essential oils.
It’s truly a blessed life.
Step over fear and find purpose in your present. 

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I'm curious, how are you living your purpose in the present?


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