Read this before you begin your Spring Cleaning!

Read this before you begin your Spring Cleaning!
It is officially Spring which means Spring Cleaning is in FULL FORCE. I have 5 tips to help make your Spring cleaning a breeze while helping you "breath easy".

1. Make Space. Before you begin Spring cleaning-remove the old. Are there items you do not use? Things hanging around that do not bring you joy or have a purpose?  Have you not been listening to Marie Kondo?? LOL Take inventory and release those unneeded items. You could choose to hold a garage sale or donate to those in need, etc. just release and make space. #ClearTheClutter

2. Team work makes the dream work. Get the family involved. Assign age appropriate chores, turn on the tunes and celebrate with a family reward like dinner out, ice cream (too soon??) or something fun. This helps teach kids to take responsibility and that hard work pays off while easing the burden on YOU. 

3.  Keep cleaning products to a minimum & use non-toxic cleaner. Vinegar and baking soda are two must haves in my home for "green" cleaning DIY's (If you want my cheat sheet of recipes-reply to this message and I will send to you) 

Not into DIY?? Find a multi-purpose cleaner that can handle all the things-BONUS points if it is SAFE for your family & the environment (more on that in a few).  

4. Add in air purifying plants. Bamboo is said to remove formaldehyde and act as a humidifier. Snake plants are said to absorb both nitrogen oxides & formaldehyde, Peace lilies are often placed in bathrooms or laundry rooms because they are know for removing mold spores. Gerber daisies have been said to remove benzene from the air and the internet tells me they can improve sleep by absorbing carbon dioxide and giving off more oxygen at night. 

5. Use reusable cloths and tools. Use mops with washable pads instead of throw away ones, instead of paper towels-use clothes from old t-shits, instead of polyester sponges infused with triclosan, use biodegradable clothes like the ones I found HERE. 

BONUS TIP: Also worthy of throwing in here is I recommend dusting with a damp cloth-not a dry cloth. Dry dusting releases particles back into the air and a damp cloth will collect those particles. 

How many times have you cleaned and start coughing, sneezing and hacking because of the chemical nastiness of what you are using to clean with??? Take a peek in your cleaning cupboard, how many products do you have? Have you read the labels? Let me guess a BIG X that says poison is on there, Am I Right? Go ahead and look, I'll wait.........

Cleaning your home should not make you sick, nor should it put our environment at risk and NO you do not need chemicals to "really clean" your home!

1Safety: Have you read the label on the back of a commercial cleaner? Warning! Flammable! Do not ingest! Keep out of reach of children! Many chemicals used in household cleaners have not been tested for safety. Household cleaning supplies are one of the top five substance classes accounting for calls to the National Poison Control Center. Many commercial cleaners contain ingredients that are endocrine disrupting chemicals, carcinogens, or neurotoxins. Kids, babies, and pets are even more vulnerable to chemical exposure because they are smaller and cannot get rid of toxins as easily as adults. It is definitely worth ditching harsh chemicals for a cleaner with plant- and mineral-based ingredients.

2. Air quality: Did you know that indoor air is 5–7 times more polluted than outdoor air? Most cleaning products contain Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), which have been associated with many health problems, including damage to the liver, kidneys, and the central nervous system. They have also been shown to harm our lungs and cause throat irritations and headaches. VOCs are released when products are used and can linger in the air long after we clean. When we breathe, we inhale the air—as well as whatever is in the air.

3. Environmental impact: Harsh chemicals found in cleaners are not only harmful to our bodies, but they also have a major impact on the environment and are huge contributors to environmental pollution. Some conventional cleaning products contain ingredients that are toxic, non-biodegradable, and from non-renewable resources like petroleum, so they harm the Earth's ecosystems. Harsh chemicals may contaminate the water through rivers, streams, and lakes, which affects wildlife, plants, trees, and us! Plus, there are thousands of chemicals that are in cleaning products that have never been tested for safety.

4. Convenience: It's much easier to clean with a few products that take care of all your cleaning needs, rather than a having whole arsenal of toxic products under your sink and in your bathrooms. With Thieves® Household Cleaner, you can tackle multiple cleaning jobs in your home without switching products as you clean! It cleans countertops, windows, mirrors, floors, toilets, showers, and pretty much everything else. Plus, you don't have to worry about getting bleach stains on your clothes or accidentally mixing dangerous chemicals together. It’s worth a try for the convenience alone.

5. Cost: The cost of buying cleaners is expensive, especially if you have to buy multiple different cleaners. Thieves Household Cleaner is very cost effective, and it comes in a concentrated form. There are approximately 60 capfuls of the cleaner in a 14.4-ounce bottle. Using the medium degreasing ratio, you can get about 29 16-ounce cleaners. That’s less than $1 a bottle!

Why worry about all the "what if’s"? 
These are only five of the many reasons to use a plant-based product. 
Be empowered and take charge of your chores by using a cleaner with plant-based ingredients.

Comment below why you choose to clean without harsh chemicals!

DIY Furniture Polish

I just whipped up some furniture polish to clean our Buffet and my oils shelf (it's a Monday evening let's not get to crazy-the other stuff can wait 🤣)

This is so easy, better for you and the planet than that store bought stuff and you probably   have everything at home.

I just threw mine it in a mason jar.
BUT look at that shine! Here is the recipe I used.

DIY Furniture Polish

1/2 cup vinegar
1/2 cup water distilled or boiled and cooled
4 TBSP olive oil
20-30 drops of essential oil -Purification or Citrus Fresh or lemon
Metal Spraybottle or Glass spray bottle

Wash and dry the spray bottles before use. In a clean bottle add all the ingredients.
Shake well and spray on cloth and wipe down furniture.