Life is different.

Life is different, plans have been waylaid but we are here and we are safe. We had planned for a family vacation with my sister in laws (and families) to meet in Florida in May-my kids have never been to Disney and we were looking forward to a BIG freaking family vacation that we have not yet experienced. I can taste the drinks on the beach, feel the sun on my skin, envision the sights at the market, and hear the cackling laughter shared. 

BUT it looks like another year will pass without a big fat family vacation. So, I will keep this vision tight until we make it a reality....But what really matters most? I mean seriously, should I be pissed about a freaking vacation right now? Maybe not but part of me is. But I am learning to pivot, be present and find opportunity. 

Tinker Falls 4.14.2020

As a nurse-not front-line but still working (decreased hours) in a medical office with frequent contacts with people as well as helping kids adjust to their new norm of home learning and the added concern of keeping everyone in my family safe, healthy and happy-a toll physically and mentally. 

I have been thinking about "What matters most" lately. Yes, we have basic needs that need to be met-food, shelter, etc. BUT what matters most in our lives. This has been a time of contemplation for me-I love my family and friends so much and life in general to me-is about the relationships I have. The people I love. It's during this time-I wish I had a magic wand the most. 

So, I have been talking to my friends a little bit more, checking in and seeing how they are doing and have found everyone is experiencing life differently now-and these are just a handful of scenarios...
  • I have nurse friends who are working the front line and even several have  chosen out to push thru fear and accept out of town assignments to head into the danger zone to do what they can to help. This is hard. 
  • I have friends who are staying safe at home with their families.  They have been going through various stages for lack of a better term. Some have started out and stayed strong yet others are lost in despair and fear. This is hard.
  • I have friends with family and friends in hospitals and nursing homes that they can not visit or see and many of them struggling right now, my heart goes out to you. This is hard. 
  • I have friends who are self employed who have ZERO income right now. This is hard.
  • I have friends whom are unemployed -many for the first time ever, trying to navigate unemployment benefits and figure out a plan. This is hard.
  • I have friends who are essential employees and some hours have been cut-and others increased. This is hard.
  • I have friends who are primary caretakers of elderly family members who are scared to death of bringing something home to their loved ones. This is hard.
  • I have friends who are single parents or live alone who feel more alone than ever right now. This is hard.
  • I have friends who are struggling with helping their kids with the school work while providing their needs and supporting them emotionally. This is hard
  • I have friends who can not pay the bills or get to the store for food. This is hard. 
  • I have friends who are trying to manage all of it and feel that they are at the end of their rope. 
  • I have friends who feel like they want to give up. This is hard, but please DON'T.
Truth is; it is HARD (no matter what situation) but YOU all are doing the best you can, give yourself some grace. Each of you are doing your part and it is important and needed. This too shall pass. 

So many different situations, it is hard right now to offer love and support...or is it? 

This is a time we have never faced before and many of us our lost in despair or fear or uncertainty, 
Our future is uncertain, there are more and more rules being announced in effort to decrease the curve and keep as many of us safe as possible but it takes a toll. We need to wear masks, go out on "our days" for essentials and not hug our friends yet waive from a distance. 

I miss my friends, my family, the get togethers, the social distancing on my own terms. It is hard. But we need to learn to pivot. We simply can not give up. We must stay strong and carry on, friends. I am not saying to not feel those feelings that come up, we all must allow ourselves to grieve, feel but them trust and release and look for opportunities. 

In our family-we have now celebrated 3 birthdays and a holiday in quarantine times-not ideal but we made the most of it. My birthday was beautiful. I was off from work, helped the kids with their school work and we hopped in the car and went to Tinker falls. Just being in nature, raised my vibration to a level of Ecstasy, grounded my worries and made my isolated birthday more enjoyable. My husband brought home dinner which was AMAZING and it was a warm spring day to sit on my porch with my oldest daughter with coffee and laughs. 

How can we make the most of these unprecedented times?

For me, whenever I feel down, sad, hopeless-what helps me feel better about my situation is helping others. Doesn't it feel good to you, when you can put a smile on someone elses face?
  • Maybe its a phone-call to someone who is alone, an email, a text-to let someone know you care and you are here. 
  • Maybe its sending a gift or a card in the mail.
  • Maybe its offering to get groceries for your elderly neighbor
  • Maybe its giving your postman or fedex delivery guy a gift-card and some sanitizer. 
  • Maybe its looking for your self employed friends-offering to buy a gift certificate and give it to someone who has been stuck at home and when this is over-that person can go get their hair done (bless two people)
  • Maybe its buying a gift certificate from a restaurant and giving it to an older couple who would enjoy going for dinner once per week and can't right now but when this is over-they can enjoy a nice treat. 
  • Maybe its throwing a few extra bucks to that musician who is playing for your entertainment on Facebook-to help them stay afloat while they are out of work and bringing their joy of music to us.
  • Why not call your massage therapy friends who are out of work-buy a gift certificate and give it to an essential employee who is busting their ass during this time. 
  • Maybe its playing ding, dong ditch and leaving a surprise at someones home.

What can you do to bring a smile to someone elses face today? We are all in this together and we have the opportunity to show kindness, compassion and love. WE have that in us to give. Nothing is too small or large to do or give. #HUMANITY

What activities can you do right now to help you through?
  • Spring cleaning-great time for that deep clean your home needs. 
  • Organize a space in your home-maybe create a reading or meditation nook.
  • Home repairs-that you can do-fix that broken hinge repaint that bathroom you haven't had time to do. Pintrest and YouTube have great tutorials!
  • Clear out things you don't need-someone else may need them or save for a huge garage sale when this is over.
  • Wake up with gratitude-when you are grateful for ALL you have that opens up the universal laws to give back. Before getting out of bed think of 3 things you are grateful for-BONUS points if you write them out in your journal. 
  • Journaling-even if its just writing down what you did that day, your thoughts, dreams, aspirations. No matter what mood I am in, I find that daily journaling helps me process and release.
  • Take time for self development-get into the habit now if you haven't before and learn something new, create a self care practice, audible and podcasts are great to listen to while you have the time or in the car or while scrubbing the kitchen,
  • Meditate-time in meditation daily can soothe the soul and bring more peace to your life-I have several friends who are sharing meditations on Facebook. 
  • Career evaluation-Many of my friends are seriously considering a career or job change-do some research if this is you to find other opportunities to follow your passion or calling. 
  • Education-there are online classes and tutorials out there that can keep your mind busy and you could learn a new skill-weather cooking classes or art classes or whatever inspires you.
  • Time in nature-the parks are still open-go explore and get grounded in the peace that nature brings.
  • Write that book you have always wanted to-80% of people have wanted to write a book-Grab your notebook or laptop and carve out set time during your day to write it.
  • Get crafty-I love DIY projects by finding stuff from around the house, this is also fun to do with the family. 
  • If you find the days passing and you realize you haven't done what you wanted to because you get sucked into news, the Facebook or whatever-make a daily schedule and use a timer-to help you accomplish things at home. Paint, write poetry, read that book-whatever. You will feel good and get activities that bring you joy back into your life. 
USE this time as an opportunity for personal development and growth; for helping others; for evaluation of your life, dreams and goals. 
How will you spend your time?
What matters most to you? 
What can you do to spread a little sunshine in someone elses life right now? 

I can't wait to see how we change our lives and the world by learning to pivot to what matters most. 


There is no question that COVID-19 has changed our lives but we are in this together.

There is no question that COVID-19 has changed our lives but we are in this together.
There is no question that COVID-19 has changed our lives. But, we are in this together.

Nearly one-in-four U.S. workers – 38.1 million out of 157.5 million – are employed in the industries most likely to feel an immediate impact from the COVID-19 outbreak, according to a Pew Research Center analysis of government data. Among the most vulnerable are workers in retail trade (10% of all workers) and food services and drinking places (6%). In total, these two industries employ nearly 26 million Americans. Millions of office workers, sales reps and teachers are now working from home. Those in the Gig industry-freelancers, musicians, etc appear to have suffered the most. 

Whatever situation you are in, you most likely have had a great strain on your emotional and mental well being. 

The CDC reported that Outbreaks can be stressful:
The outbreak of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) may be stressful for people. Fear and anxiety about a disease can be overwhelming and cause strong emotions in adults and children. Coping with stress will make you, the people you care about, and your community stronger.

Stress during an infectious disease outbreak can include

-Fear and worry about your own health and the health of your loved ones

-Changes in sleep or eating patterns
-Difficulty sleeping or concentrating
-Worsening of chronic health problems
-Worsening of mental health conditions
-Increased use of alcohol, tobacco, or other drugs

EVERYONE reacts differently to stressful situations. Taking care of yourself, your family and friends can help you cope with stress. 

Ways to Cope with Stress:
  • Deep Breathing and or meditation
  • Eating healthy, balanced meals
  • Exercising regularly 
  • Getting good sleep
  • Take time to unwind with a favorite activity-I enjoy hiking in the woods.
  • Connect with others-call, text, Skype..if you need to reach out to mental health professional-check your county's available services as there are many offering FREE help right now. 
Raising Your Vibration
You see, there is a subtle bioenergy that flows through all organic life. It goes by many names and sometimes is referred to as Chi or Life Force. This energy is expressed as an electromagnetic vibrational frequency.

Energy composes and animates every living thing. And because your body is made of energy, it radiates a detectable field around you, emanating a pattern of energy unique to you. This broadcast of energy, or frequency, is what is known as your vibrations.

Think of a time when you met someone and you immediately thought ohh, this person has some bad energy (or bad juju as one of my friends calls it) or when you meet someone you find amazing who has “good vibes”. We can TOTALLY sense good or bad vibes with people, places and things. We can even sense it in ourselves.

When you have good vibrations you generally feel happier, lighter and more positive. When your vibrations are low, they are moving slower, causing you to feel more negative, sad, lethargic, or even depressed. The quicker the energy movement in your field, the higher your vibration and the better you feel.

A review of school science lessons reminds us that everything vibrates. Every atom in the universe has a specific vibratory or periodic motion. Our energy flow affects how we feel, how we think, and our health situation. When the body's life-force energy (Qi) becomes blocked, various imbalances result. Our chakras are spiritual energy centers that channel universal life force of Chi--both as a transmitter and receiver for information. Our meridians are energy paths in the body which Chi flows. The idea is that one must have balanced chakras and meridians in order to have a balanced healthy holistic life (mind-body-spirit).

Research has shown the daytime frequency of a healthy human body vibrates in the range of 62-68 MHz (megahertz).
Human cells can start to mutate or change when the frequency drops below 62 MHz. 42 MHz is when cancer can appear. Pathogens have a low frequency. Matter of fact, a negative mental state can lower a person’s frequency to 10-15 MHz. Positivity, love, compassion and hope are of higher vibrations than negativity, fear and hate.

Albert Einstein said everything in life is vibration, everything is energy. Einstein goes on to say, “Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.”

Bob Proctor is the leading personal development guru, an author, and has also been featured in “The Secret”. He is the man everyone looks for when it comes to Law of Attraction, energy vibration, and also the subconscious mind.

According to Bob, in order to attract the things that we desire in life, the vibration you send to the Universe must be in accordance with what you want. In other words, you must include feelings and emotions that create the vibration that is in harmony with your dreams. This is why Bob often says that you need to “fall in love” with what you desire. When you are in love with someone or something, your thoughts, feelings, and actions are operating on the same frequency with what you desire.

The Huffington Post shared this:

Despair and desperation due to challenges will consume those vibrating at a lower frequency. Know that help is available from those vibrating at the higher frequency. The lower and denser energies will naturally want to rise when around the higher and lighter energies. However, this process will feel very uncomfortable for people who carry the lower energies and people who carry the higher energies for a while. It is important for people who carry a higher vibration to maintain it and not lower it no matter how uncomfortable it feels. Those people resonating at a higher vibration will only be able to maintain it as long as they don't succumb to the pull of the lower vibration. That pull will come in the form of old programs and patterns of needing approval or of wanting to "fit in."

Therefore, now more than ever-we need to focus on keeping our vibration high.

In order to raise our vibration, we must understand what effects our vibration:
  • We are all made of energy and therefore we require the consumption of energy for good health. What we eat influences our vibration. Eating high energy food helps us reach higher consciousness. 
  • Focus on including fresh, whole foods and drink lots of water to maintain not only your health   but your mood as well. Farm fresh veggies have higher energy then frozen or canned. Choose organic/non-gmo food. 
  • Toxins exist in just about everything these days, including food and beverages, the atmosphere, toiletries, detergent and soaps, the soil and even our water supplies. This imparts a huge strain not only on your health but on your subtle energies as well. Toxins force your energy field into defense mode, pulling down your vibrations and making you feel crummy. 
  • Sound has a direct effect on your energy field. A harmonious sound will re-order your energy into a healthy pattern, while anything with angry or dark lyrics, or that lacks a syncopated, organized rhythm, will disrupt your energies.
  • Choose uplifting music with beautiful harmonies when possible.  Sound is a powerful healing modality in energy medicine. 
  • Your Feelings affect your vibration. When you are afraid, your frequency becomes dense and heavy. Do your best to release all worries and fears that are out of your control and make a plan to deal with the ones that you can do something about and act on it. When you do become fearful, find a way to recover with opposing energies, such as laughter and a positive outlook, until you feel lighter. There are things to be afraid of everywhere, but there are also things to make you smile everywhere, too. 
  • By applying an essential oil of a particular frequency to the human body, the oils’ higher frequency will raise the vibratory frequency of that individual. I believe Essential Oils are a MUST for this awakening. They support overall health and vibrancy in our bodies. Essential oils, affirmations and meditation is a Goddess trifecta! I only recommend the purest, most potent and safest oils out there for you and your feminine power. 
  • When energy is stagnating, vibrations slow down and when energy is free-flowing, vibrations speed up. To keep your energy moving, it’s imperative that you strive to counteract the negativity of life. Find ways to maintain a positive experience of daily life – whatever that means to you.
This weeks Couch class
Emotions can be difficult and even scary. It is so much easier to suppress emotions than to recognize, feel, and process them. However, the ability to recognize, feel, process, and release emotions will enable you to function in a more positive and successful state so you can live free to create the life you desire.
We learn about and develop emotions from birth, through early childhood development and onward. Which means that helping children recognize emotions and learn to process emotions is one of the most powerful gifts you can give as a parent or caregiver.

It also means that if you didn’t develop and utilize effective techniques to process your emotions early on, you may have some catching up to do. Don’t worry. I will give you easy tools to use so you can learn how to process your emotions in a healthy way.

In this class, I will share popular essential oils that can be used with various emotions. I will also share different techniques to make using your oils more effective for those of all ages.

All my classes are online and FREE. This couch class will be on Facebook Thursday 4/9/2020 at 7 pm. I leave my classes up for one week but will have some giveaways for those who watch live. If you do not have Facebook and would like the class emailed or texted to you-send me an email at info@bethaust with oills and feelings in the subject and I will send you the class. 

On a personal note-My husband and I are both essential employees, our two oldest daughters are unemployed (part of the gig economy-and one who doesn't live with me I can not even see right now) and we are trying our best to help our younger two with their new home-school routines. We are learning to pivot instead of panic but it is a challenge!

But, we are in this together, let's help and support each other during this situation we are facing.

I would love to connect with you. How are you doing through these challenging times?

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