Storytelling is an ancient & valuable art that transcend generations

It has been used to create connection, pass on tradition, convey messages and purpose. 

Storytelling allows us to experience rich emotions-that make us human and helps us to better understand others & ourselves. 

Stories are collections of personal experiences that can help us from science to relationships to everything in between. 

Everyone has a story to tell and there are SO many great lessons to be learned though stories. 

Join me every Saturday Morning @ 8 am EST over on My Facebook Page "My Rooted Lifeas I will share stories I have learned  to help bring back this ancient art, encourage you to think about your stories and take away a message that could be a life lesson waiting for you. 

Once you are on my Facebook page, go to events and find the Storytelling Saturday event page-there is a new event page each week. I will go live in that event!

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